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Numbers & Operations (whole number place value)
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Numbers & Operations (decimal place value)
Numbers & Operations 
    add & subtract whole numbers and decimals
Numbers & Operations
   multiply whole numbers/ exponents 
Powerama multiplying by powers of 10
Numbers & Operations
          divide whole numbers
Place Value Decimals Scholastic Study Jam
Decimals on a Number Line Scholastic Study Jam
Numbers & Operations
          patterns to divide/ 2-digit divisors
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
          variables and expressions/ order of operations
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
          solving equations
Numbers & Operations
          multiply and divide decimals
Power Football (choose multiplication)
Numbers & Operations
          fractions and decimals
Simplify Fractions YouTube re-make "Call Me Maybe" YouTube length 3:12
Fresh-Baked Fractions equivalent fractions
Greatest Common Factor Scholastic Study Jam
Soccer Shoot-Out all operations
Fractions (variety of games)
Numbers & Operations
          add and subtract fractions & mixed numbers
Computation Castle play with earbuds
Fraction Equations add & subtract
Numbers & Operations
    multiply fractions  & mixed numbers
    division- unit fractions & whole numbers
Fractions Operations Video "Two Princes" by Spin Doctors song parody 
YouTube length 4:20
Fractions Music Video Washington School 5th grade YouTube length 5:20
Multiply Fractions play using a calculator
Equivalent Fractions Scholastic Study Jam
Add & Subtract Fractions Unlike Denominators Scholastic Study Jam
Add & Subtract Mixed Numbers Scholastic Study Jam
Decimal Multiplication Scholastic Study Jam
Decimal Division Scholastic Study Jam
2-Digit Division Scholastic Study Jam
Drag and Drop Math choose division
Measurement and Data
    area and perimeter/ customary and metric units of length
Measurement and Data
          finding volume
Volume Scholastic Study Jam
Measurement and Data
          converting between units
Measurement and Data LearnZillion Instructional Videos 
(each video about 6 minutes in length)
classify 2-dimensional shapes
Measuring Angles (
Types of Triangles (
points on the coordinate plane/ordered pairs
Ordered Pairs Scholastic Study Jam
Measurement and Data
represent and interpret data
"Powers" Music Video Colin Dodds YouTube Length 2:34
Long Division Music Video YouTube Length 2:56
I Will Divide Music Video YouTube Length 2:22
Order in the Court Order of Operations Math Song YouTube Length 4:50
Line 'Em Up Song Mister C Decimal Addition YouTube length 3:02
Multiplyin' Fractions Song YouTube video length 4:36
Quadrilaterals Song YouTube length 2:43
Know Your Quadrilaterals Song YouTube length 3:25
PEMDAS Shuffle YouTube Song Length 3:20
Number Patterns Scholastic Study Jam
Function Tables Scholastic Study Jam
Order of Operations Scholastic Study Jam
Simplest Form Scholastic Study Jam
Compare Fractions Scholastic Study Jam
Add & Subtract Fractions Same Denominators Scholastic Study Jam
Least Common Multiple Scholastic Study Jam
The LCM & GCF Song YouTube length 3:09
Add Fractions Frozen Song Parody YouTube length 1:50
Say It Like Math Song Numbers Into Words 
Colin Dodds YouTube length 3:08
Volume Song (Happy Parody) YouTube length 2:38
Clara Fraction Improper Fractions & Mixed Numbers
Horrendous Soup metric conversion game
Go to (type the "LZ" Quick Code in Search box at top of screen)
For instructional LearnZillion videos go to 
        type the "LZ" Quick Code in Search box at top of screen
        each video about 4 minutes in length
How to Find Volume Quick Code LZ1803
For instructional videos go to 
        type the "LZ" Quick Code in Search box at top of screen
        each video about 4 minutes in length
Sorting Data Makes it Stronger YouTube song length 3:27
Patterns Song- Colin Dodds YouTube length 3:24
For instructional videos go to 
        type the "LZ" Quick Code in Search box at top of screen
        each video about 4 minutes in length
Line Plots Scholastic Study Jam
Bar Graphs Scholastic Study Jam
Double Line Graphs Scholastic Study Jam
Circle Graphs Scholastic Study Jam
Choosing the Correct Graph Scholastic Study Jam
All Topics Review
5th Grade Math Review Jeopardy
     decimals, fractions, problem solving, patterns & algebra
5th Grade Math Jeopardy
    computation, fractions, GCF, LCM, vocabulary
5th Grade Jeopardy
     exponents, rounding, add & subtract decimals, 
     multiply & divide decimals, multiply whole numbers
5th Grade Number Sense Jeopardy
     place value, multiply & divide, exponents & powers of 10, 
      order of operations
Mean, Median, Mode Rap Mister C YouTube length 3:13
Mean/Average Scholastic Study Jam
Median Scholastic Study Jam
Mode Scholastic Study Jam
Range Scholastic Study Jam
Order of Operations Song YouTube length 3:15
Divide by Powers of Ten YouTube length 6:58
Patterns in Zeroes YouTube length 4:00
Moving Decimals Song YouTube length 4:35
Meters, Liters, and Grams YouTube length 2:51
Decimal Review Jeopardy
     place value, equivalent form, compare, order
Extension Topic: Rates and Ratios 
Intro Grade 6 Content
extend decimal division & fractions
Unit Rate by Shmoop YouTube length 2:48
Ratio and Fraction Song YouTube length 3:42
Smart Shopping with Unit Prices Youtube length 1:49
Intro to Ratios YouTube length 1:02
Ratio Scholastic StudyJam 
Extension Topic: Mean, Median, Mode, Range 
Intro Grade 6 Content
extend represent and interpret data
Coordinate Plane & Plotting Points Grade 6 Intro YouTube length 8:37
Extension Topic: Coordinate Plane (all 4 quadrants)
Intro Grade 6 Content
extend points on coordinate plane/ ordered pairs
Rounding Decimals Scholastic StudyJam
Add & Subtract Decimals Scholastic StudyJam
Creating Equations Scholastic StudyJam
Exponents Song Mr. Peters YouTube length 2:49
Mental Math to Multiply Mr. Peters YouTube length 4:03
Multiply Whole Numbers Mr. Peters YouTube length 7:25
Single-Digit Division Scholastic StudyJam
Divide by Multiples of 10, 100 YouTube length 3:38
Reasonableness YouTube length 2:30
Dividing by 1-Digit Divisors YouTube length 7:21
Math Journey (choose division 2-digit)
2-digit Divisors Part 1 length 4:19
2-digit Divisors Part 2 length 4:21
Using Variables to Write Expressions YouTube length 5:19
Simplify & Evaluate Expressions YouTube length 4:05
Multiply Fractions & Whole Numbers length 3:47
Multiply Fractions length 5:20
Multiply Mixed Numbers length 5:43
Dividing Fractions length 5:07
Volume of L-Shaped Prisms (Khan Academy Decomposition YouTube length 3:48
Customary System YouTube length 13:00
Combining Volume YouTube length 4:05
Metric System YouTube length 8:23
Classifying Quadrilaterals YouTube length 5:36
Proportions Scholastic StudyJam
More Resources
Grade 4 Math Tutoring
More Resources (Grade 4 Tutoring)
Numbers & Operations
place value
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
properties of multiplication, multiplication as comparison
Properties of Addition (review Gr3 content) Scholastic Study Jam
Multiplication Properties Scholastic Study Jam
Multiplication Song Uptown Funk parody YouTube length 4:30
Multiplication Comparisons Word Problems (Equations) LearnZillion length 2:50
Multiplication Comparison Problems YouTube length 4:38 Gr4 Go Math 2.2
Multiplication Bar Models YouTube length 6:34 Gr4 Go Math 2.1
Multiplication Comparisons Word Problems (Bar Models) LearnZillion length 2:24
Box Method Multiplication (arrays) 2-digit by 2-digit
Multiplication Error Analysis area model 3-digit by 1-digit
Multiplication Millionaire Game Multiply by 10's and 100's
Multi-Step Word Problems (from
Xtra Math basic facts help for students, teachers, & parents
Multiply 2-Digit by 2-Digit traditional algorithm with regrouping
Long Division Music Video Mr. Duey YouTube Length 2:56
Division Song (intro or review) YouTube length 3:15
Single-Digit Division Scholastic StudyJam
MathFROG Dividerama traditional algorithm
Long Division Song (Ho Hey Parody) YouTube length 2:30
Numbers & Operations 
    add & subtract whole numbers
Numbers & Operations 
    multiply whole numbers
Numbers & Operations 
    divide whole numbers
Division Patterns divide by 10, 100, 1000 from
Operations and Algebraic Thinking
factors, multiples, prime & composite numbers, 
number patterns
Prime and Composite Numbers Scholastic StudyJam
Identify Factors from
  Prime & Composite
Patterns Kahoot! 15 questions
Zombie Paintball number patterns
Numbers & Operations 
    fractions- equivalence, simplifying, comparing
Equivalent Fractions Scholastic Study Jam
Target Shoot Equivalent Fractions
Fraction Monkeys equivalent fractions on a numberline
Simplify Fractions YouTube re-make "Call Me Maybe" YouTube length 3:12
Simplest Form Scholastic Study Jam
Compare Fractions Scholastic Study Jam
Simplify Fractions Rap YouTube length 1:46
Number Patterns Scholastic StudyJam
Numbers & Operations 
    fractions- add, subtract, multiply
Speedway Fractions add & subtract
Clara's Fraction Ice Cream Shop improper fractions & mixed numbers
Numbers & Operations 
    fractions and decimals
Adding Mixed Numbers YouTube length 4:13
Flurry of Flavors Division Facts
Galaxy Explorer Division Facts
Deep Dive Division Facts
Lucky Drops Division Facts
Alien Lunchtime Division Facts
Measurement and Data    
measuring and finding unknown angles
line plots and types of graphs to display data
area and perimeter
identifying analog and digital time
Measuring Angles (
Find the Missing Angle adjacent angles
Zoo Designer (area & perimeter)
Perimeter & Area Millionaire Game
identify & draw lines, angles, and 2-dimensional  shapes
right triangles
Bedtime Bandits a Clock Game
ClockWorks Telling Time
Estimate Sums Word Problems (ixl)
Estimate Differences Word Problems (ixl)
Multiplication Kahoot! (20 questions)
Children's literature? As part of Math class instruction? Yes!! Read why HERE
Children's literature? 
As part of Math class instruction? 
Yes!! Read why HERE
Children's literature? 
As part of Math class instruction? 
Yes!! Read why HERE
Children's literature? 
As part of Math class instruction? 
Yes!! Read why HERE
Find these classroom and tutoring-tested resources in my TPT shop:
Find these classroom and tutoring-tested resources in my TPT shop:
Find these classroom and tutoring-tested resources in my TPT shop: