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Investigation 1: Systems     
biosphere, ecosystems, energy transfer, food webs, decomposition
Investigation 2: Nutrient Systems
     plant growth, chlorophyll, photosynthesis, digestion
Investigation 3: Transport Systems
   basic needs, transpiration, vascular system in plants, 
   circulatory system, respiratory system
Investigation 4: Sensory Systems
    communicating through sound, visual displays, and smell 
     carbon cycle, ecosytems
Food Chains Scholastic Study Jam
Food Webs Scholastic Study Jam
Food Chains Crash Course Kids
 YouTube length 15:56
It Starts with Producers Song Mr. Parr YouTube length 5:07
Photosynthesis Song Mr. Parr YouTube length 4:28
Decomposers Song Mr. Parr YouTube length 3:20
Photosynthesis Song Mister C YouTube length 3:12
Ecosystems Song Mr. Parr YouTube length 3:27
Photosynthesis Scholastic Study Jam
Plant Cells Scholastic Study Jam
Carbon Cycle Scholastic Study Jam
Ecosystems Scholastic Study Jam
Circulatory System Song Mr. Parr YouTube length 3:19
Respiratory System Song Mr. Parr YouTube length 3:20
Circulatory System Scholastic Study Jam
Respiratory System Scholastic Study Jam
Ecosystems Research Links
Food Chain Song Mr. Parr YouTube length 3:33
Save Fred 
(a team-building, problem-solving activity)
What Do Yeast Like to Eat? YouTube length 4:46
Plants in Action Photosynthesis YouTube length 21:02
Respiratory System YouTube length 4:51
Circulatory System YouTube length 2:29
How Your Heart Works YouTube length 6:14
Investigation 3 Circulatory System 
    Pulse Rate Excel-lent Graphing
Vegetation Transformation Photosynthesis Crash Course Kids (YouTube length 2:59)
Want your students to create their own 
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Photosynthesis Crash Course Kids (YouTube length 13:14)
Children's literature? 
As part of Science class instruction? 
Yes!! Sharing what I read about that HERE
Children's literature? 
As part of Science class instruction? 
Yes!! Sharing what I read about that HERE