What if vertebrate animal groups 
had facebook pages?

Mrs. Dingman's 5th grade could imagine 
exactly what they'd look like!
(actual facebook pages were not created)
(each student used a Word template to simulate a facebook wall)
 We continued our exploration of research, focusing on vertebrate animals to enrich our FOSS Science Living Systems Investigation 4. We each researched individual animals with backbones using several online resources. We also searched for and selected a variety of graphic images to complement our individual research efforts. 

We each thought carefully about how today's social media might have impacted the social connections of the animals we selected. We each considered the vertebrate animal group to which our chosen animals belonged and how those animals interact within their ecosystems. And, using a Word template designed by Mrs. Dingman, we each created a simulated facebook wall to showcase our research and complementary image selections. 

This project met with the following Pennsylvania Core and Academic Standards:
PACS Science S.5.B.3.1 describe the relationships between organisms in different ecosystems
PA Science Academic Standard 4.6.5 Ecosystems and Their Interactivity
PACS ELA E05.B-K.1 Key Ideas and Details
PA Science Academic Standard 3.7.5 Technological Devices
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