* Your child will receive a weekly Spelling list. 
* All Spelling tests will be announced.
* The day for each Spelling test is already typed on your child's homework assignment sheet. 
* The words included in each Spelling list are words that appear often in our Scott Foresman's Reading Street textbook. 
* The list of words will usually be grouped to follow certain vowel and/or consonant patterns. Yes... Phonics instruction is still around!!
Lesson 1   Frindle
Lesson 2   Thunder Rose
Lesson 3   Island of the Blue Dolphins
Lesson 4   Satchel Paige
Lesson 5   Shutting Out the Sky
Lesson 6   Inside Out 
Lesson 7   Passage to Freedom
Lesson 8   The Ch'i-lin Purse
Lesson 9   ... 10 Ways to Help Save Wildlife
Lesson 10  The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
Lesson 11  Wings for the King
Lesson 12  Leonardo's Horse
Lesson 13  The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins
Lesson 14  Mahalia Jackson
Lesson 15  Special Effects in Film and Television
Lesson 16   Weslandia
Lesson 17   Stretching Ourselves
Lesson 18   Exploding Ants
Lesson 19   The Stormi Giovanni Club
Lesson 20   The Gymnast
Lesson 21   The Three-Century Woman
Lesson 22   The Unsinkable Wreck of the Titanic
Lesson 23   Talk With an Astronaut
Lesson 24   Journey to the Center of the Earth
Lesson 25   Ghost Towns of the American West
Lesson 26   At the Beach
Lesson 27   They Mystery of Saint Matthew Island
Lesson 28   King Midas and the Golden Touch
Lesson 29   The Hindenburg
Lesson 30   Sweet Music in Harlem
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