Lesson 10
The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
shovel  southern    northern    chapterhyphen
chosen establish    although   challenge    approach
astonishpython      shatter      ethnic   shiver
pharmacy   charity  china attach  ostrich
emphasis   sophomore    athlete  phenomenalchimpanzee
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Lesson 6
Scott Foresman Reading Street Unit 2
Weekly Spelling: Lessons 6-10
Inside Out
staffs   ourselves     pants   scissors   loaves
volcanoeschiefsbuffaloes    flamingos  beliefs
echoes   shelves       quizzes sheriffs dominoes
thieves  measles      avocados chefs       pianos
bailiffs wharves    mosquitoes   armadillos desperadoes
Lesson 7
Passage to Freedom
Lesson 8
The Ch'i-lin Purse
Lesson 9
Jane Goodall's 
10 Ways to Help Save Wildlife
snore    tornado       spare     appear   career
square   report prepare  pioneer   chair
beware   smear  repair    sword    ignore
order   engineer      resort   volunteer declare
impair  directory   hardwareclearance     porpoise

example   level     human     quarrel   scramble
evil  oxygen   wooden    double      travel
cancel   chuckle    fossil    toboggan   veteran
chisel   suburban   single     suddenbeagle
obstacle   kindergarten     abdomen       pummel   enlighten
danger   wander    tractor    dollar   harbor
eager     eraser   surrender  solar    sticker
locker  helicopter  pillar  refrigerator caterpillar
rumor   glimmer     linger     sensor  alligator
numerator   collector  ancestor counselor denominator