Lesson 15
Special Effects in Film and Television
jewel   kingdom      gasoline     factory   garage
tropicalpajamas     estimate   tomorrowhumidity
Chicagobulletin      carnival     illustrateelegant
census  terrific     celebrate   operate  celery
rehearsal   salamander       prominent significant    parakeet
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Lesson 11
Scott Foresman Reading Street Unit 3
Mrs. Dingman's Weekly Spelling: Lessons 11-15
Wings for the King
waterproof  teaspoon  grasshopper      homesick        barefoot
courthouse  earthquake       rowboat   scrapbook     countryside
lightweight   fishhook   spotlight   blindfold        whirlpool
tablespoon  greenhouse      postcard        hummingbird    thumbtack
sledgehammer       brokenhearted  chalkboard  straightforward      granddaughter
Lesson 12
Leonardo's Horse
Lesson 13
The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins
Lesson 14
Mahalia Jackson
excuse    scene         muscle      explore       pledge
journal   science     schedule     gigantic      scheme
Japan   excellent    exclaim     fascinate      ginger
scholar   scent         dodge       smudge       schooner
extraordinary   reminisce       acknowledge      prejudice     allergic
address  college       mirror      recess      committee
collect  Mississippi      immediate        command         appreciate
announcepossess    Tennessee    gallop       opponent
barricade     broccoli   accomplish       allowance           zucchini
silhouette   millionaire  dilemma      embarrassment        compassionate
uncover     defrost  uncomfortable     discourage            disadvantage
unfortunate    unfamiliar  disability   discomfort       deodorant
unemployed     deflate     disbelief   unpredictable    disapprove
disappoint     unpleasant       dehydrated        disqualify   undecided
unnecessary  disobedient     dehumidifier      disinfectant     disenchanted
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