Lesson 5
Shutting Out
the Sky
distance  enjoy perhaps channel  admire
method  husband      tissue   mustard shuttle 
anger    advance    drummer  petals   figure
problem comedy      regular   denim  tangerine
butter  reluctant   avalanche     monopoly      adequate 
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Lesson 1
Scott Foresman Reading Street Unit 1
Weekly Spelling: Lessons 1-5
fever   broken   climate    hotel      basic
vocal   native     silent     labor      spider
labeliconagent     motivevital
acorn     itemaroma     legal  solo
societyrhinoceros   notation   idealistic    equation
Lesson 2
Thunder Rose
Lesson 3
Island of the 
Blue Dolphins
Lesson 4
Satchel Paige
coastfeast       speechwheat  Spain
paintarrowneedle    charcoal       praise
faint     maintain    creasegroan  breeze
willow    appeal     bowling   complain      sneeze
dungarees   bungalow  campaign speedometer referee
supplied  supplying  denied  denying  decided
deciding  included   includingadmitted    admitting
occurred occurring qualifiedqualifying  identified
identifyingdelayed  delayingsatisfied    satisfying
occupied  occupyingcriticized    criticizing     omitted
they're   you've   weren't      needn't
there'd   they've  mustn't      what'll
doesn't   hadn't   could've    would've
should've might've      wouldn't  shouldn't
who'd     this'll    couldn't    there've
mightn't  what've there'll who've