centsent scentthrewthrough
weatherwhether  theirthey're     there
chili     chilly            tide  tied    pale
pail      aloud    allowed    coursecoarse
counsel council   bizarre   bazaar    patients
Lesson 20
The Gymnast
khakihula  bananaballet   waltz
tomato   vanilla      canyon     yogurt  banquet
macaroni polka      cobra koala barbecue
safari    buffet    stampede   karate   kiosk
papaya   artichokesauerkrautsuccotash    tsunami

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Lesson 16
Scott Foresman Reading Street Unit 4
Mrs. Dingman's Weekly Spelling: Lessons 16-20
overlook   underlinesubway  subset   supermarket
outlet   underground   overboard   undercurrent     superstar
overtime       supersonic    submarine   undercover  overcast
outfield   output supernatural  subdivision  subhead
overwhelm superimpose       underestimate    underprivileged     subcommittee
Lesson 17
Stretching Ourselves
Lesson 18
Exploding Ants
Lesson 19
The Stormi Giovanni Club
sensiblewashableavailable agreeablefashionable
valuableflexiblereasonablefavorable breakable
convertible      forgettable  laughable  sociable   allowable
divisiblehospitable   reversible responsible    tolerable
noticeable  conceivable   disposable    biodegradable  collapsible
invisible  illiterateirregular irresistibleimpossible
informal    illegal   impatientindependentincorrect
inactive    imperfect     impolite   immature   illogical
indefinite    inappropriate  immobile     irresponsible   inexpensive
irrelevant     irreparable   intolerantindisputable   impersonal
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