Lesson 30
Sweet Music in Harlem
famous  invention  election  furiousimagination
education     nervous  explanation    various   decision
relaxation  conversation     tension humorous     exhibition
attraction    invasion   creation     occupation   destination
cancellation    summarization  glamorous    mysterious     administration
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Lesson 26
Scott Foresman Reading Street Unit 6
Mrs. Dingman's Weekly Spelling: Lessons 26-30
At the Beach
Lesson 27
The Mystery of Saint Matthew Island
Lesson 28
King Midas and the Golden Touch
Lesson 29
The Hindenburg
importantexperienceignorant entrancedifference
instance  absence appearanceintelligentevidence
pollutantclearanceconfidence     conferenceinsurance
ambulancehesitantconsistent excellencepersistent
iridescent   coincidence    convenient      significant  alliance
briefbelievereceiveleisure  piece
reliefseize  ceiling field   neither
apiece   receipt  yield deceive      achieve
griefniece  protein shield     conceited
diesel   retrieval    unwieldy   grievance   deceitful
ice cream  a lot    keyboardfairy tale   horseshoe
piggy bank    textbookguidelines     newspaper     space shuttle
hay fever     dead end  password     teenager   skateboard
everything        barbed wire    cartwheel    root beer  fingerprint
air conditioner       blood pressure worldwide  straightedge    cross country
quietquitefinelyfinally  except
accept   than  then   since     sense
affect   effect     from  formlater
latter    adaptadopt medal    metal
personal    personnelproceedingpreceding   immigrate