Lesson 25
Ghost Towns of the American West
elementary    vehicle       miniatureprobability    definition
substitutevarietyliterature elevator  Pennsylvania
ravioli     cafeteria      mosaic    tuxedo       meteorite
fascination    cylinder     intermediate  centennial    curiosity
documentary stegosaurus pediatrician   mediocre        simultaneous
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Lesson 21
Scott Foresman Reading Street Unit 5
Mrs. Dingman's Weekly Spelling: Lessons 21-25
The Three-Century Woman
Lesson 22
The Unsinkable Wreck of the R.M.S. Titanic
Lesson 23
Talk With an Astronaut
Lesson 24
to the Center of the Earth
leaguesergeantyacht      doubt    fatigue
debt   blood    vague     anxious         foreign
bargain    condemnintrigue  villain        cantaloupe
flood   depot  cordial     subtle    disguise
bureau   reminiscent  adjectivemonologue  environment
geology  thermometerastronautatmosphere    biology
thermal  disaster   meteorology      technology        hemisphere
zoology  sociology    biosphere  thermos asterisk
thermostat   astronomy   spherical  ecologymythology
psychology  anthropology   thermoelectric astronomical    microbiology
project    audience    decade territoryauditorium
terrier    decimal     injectionDecember  reject
eject       terrace       audit  decimeter  audition
audible   decathlon terrariumdejected    terrain
terra cotta   subterranean  conjecture    trajectory     terrestrial
politics      political       major  majority  equal
equation      sign   signature arrive   arrival
inspire     inspiration     human  humanity  clean
cleanse      resign       resignationuniteunity
magic  magicianremedy remedial     individual