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Teacher Resources
This page was last updated on: November 13, 2022
Pennsylvania Teachers
Noodle Tools (Choose the best Internet Search)
Artsology: Culture for Kids
PhotoStory Digital Images Sources
Writing Resources
Graphic Organizers
Teacher Search Sites
Excel in the Classroom
Miscellaneous Resources
Projects by Jen (online projects K-6)
Teaching and Learning (K-5 Reading Activities)
The Hook PowerPointIntroductory Sentences 
Book Lists
The Feeling SentenceConcluding Sentences
Math Common Core State Standards
Excel-lent Graphing Mrs. Dingman... how did they DO that?
Music for the Classroom
improve concentration and focus
Study Music Brain Power YouTube length 1:10:08
Classical Music for Studying YouTube length 3:05:53
Stress Relieving Piano Music YouTube length 3:02:28
Halloween Music Mix for Kids YouTube length 38:51
Soft Christmas Party Music YouTube length 1:02:04
Relaxing Christmas Music YouTube length 45:58
Please return all school and classroom library books! 
All About Them Books song YouTube length 3:26
Relaxing Music for Studying YouTube length 1:33:07