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Teacher Resources
This page was last updated on: April 12, 2017
Pennsylvania Teachers
Noodle Tools (Choose the best Internet Search)
Artsology: Culture for Kids
PhotoStory Digital Images Sources
Writing Resources
Graphic Organizers
Teacher Search Sites
Excel in the Classroom
Miscellaneous Resources
Projects by Jen (online projects K-6)
Teaching and Learning (K-5 Reading Activities)
The Hook PowerPointIntroductory Sentences 
Book Lists
The Feeling SentenceConcluding Sentences
Math Common Core State Standards
Math Playground games & activities grades 1-6 
Excel-lent Graphing Mrs. Dingman... how did they DO that?
Pearson Key Math Concepts identify grade level when topics are taught
Music for the Classroom
improve concentration and focus
Study Music Brain Power YouTube length 1:10:08
Classical Music for Studying YouTube length 3:05:53
Stress Relieving Piano Music YouTube length 3:02:28
Halloween Music Mix for Kids YouTube length 38:51
Soft Christmas Party Music YouTube length 1:02:04
Relaxing Christmas Music YouTube length 45:58
Please return all school and classroom library books! 
All About Them Books song YouTube length 3:26
Leader in Me
Creating a Classroom Mission Statement
     Bellingham Public Schools Video length 1:38
Relaxing Music for Studying YouTube length 1:33:07
Classical Piano Music for Studying YouTube length 1:07:57