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      Yes... Phonics instruction is still around!!
Unit 6
Week 1   One Hen
Week 2   Second Day, First Impressions
Week 3   Camping with the President
Week 4   The Boy Who Invented TV
Week 5   The Future of Transportation
Week 1   Who Wrote the U.S. Constitution?
Week 2   Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
Week 3   The Boy Who Drew Birds
Week 4    Blancaflor
Week 5   Stage Fright
Week 1  They Don't Mean It!  
Week 2  Weslandia
Week 3  The Story of Snow
Week 4   Winter's Tail
Week 5   Machu Picchu: Ancient City
Week 1   Davy Crockett Saves the World
Week 2   The Mystery of the Cellar Window
Week 3   Rosa
Week 4   One Well
Week 5   Words Free as Confetti
Week 1    Ida B
Week 2   Bud, Not Buddy
Week 3   Global Warming
Week 4   When is a Planet Not a Planet?
Week 5   The Case of the Missing Bees
Week 1   The Unbreakable Code
Week 2   The Friend Who Changed My Life
Week 3   Survival at 40 Below
Week 4   Planting the Trees of Kenya
Week 5   You Are My Music
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Smart Start Unit 0 "First Day Back" 
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Smart Start Unit 0 "Trouble in the Oceans"
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Analogy Challenge Kahoot
created by Mrs. Dingman's 2015-2016 5th grade
Reading Wonders Spelling & Vocabulary All Units
Wonders Authors 
Unit 1 & Unit 2 
Reading Counts BINGO
    We recently completed a Reading Counts project extending our learning about authors included in our Reading Wonders Literature Anthology, to enrich our Wonders Unit 1 and Unit 2 textbook units. We stepped outside our comfort zones, exploring authors and genre we might not ordinarily have selected. 

    We were challenged to fill a BINGO board with 5 fiction selections, recording our Reading Counts quiz success. … but we weren’t quite done…

    Opening a Word document template created by Mrs. Dingman, we typed our selected title information and Reading Counts quiz success dates in the row, column, or diagonal we selected on each of our BINGO boards. We practiced using the Underline tool button, correctly underlining our selected titles. And, we practiced shading each of the 5 cells in our BINGO boards, highlighting the row, column, or diagonal we chose. 

    We were all Reading Wonders Authors Reading Counts BINGO winners! Mrs. Dingman was proud to display our BINGO board creations on our hallway bulletin board.

This integrated Reading & Technology project met with the following 
Pennsylvania Core and Academic Standards:
PA Science Academic Standard 3.7.5 Technological Devices
PACS ELA E05.A-K.1.1 demonstrate understanding of key ideas and details in literature
PACS ELA E05.A-C.2.1 demonstrate understanding of craft and structure in literature
PACS ELA E05.A-V.4.1 demonstrate understanding of vocabulary and figurative language in literature
Wonders Authors 
Unit 1 & Unit 2 
Reading Counts BINGO
December 2016