Week 5
The Case of the Missing Bees
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Week 1
Ida B
Week 2
Bud, Not Buddy
Week 3
Global Warming
Week 4
When is a Planet Not a Planet?
Time for Kids 
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Grammar Skills: 
clauses (independent & dependent)
appositive phrases
Grammar Skills:
​complex sentences
Grammar Skills:
capitalization & punctuation
Grammar Skills:
​adjectives that compare
Grammar Skills:
​compare using "good" and "bad"
Reading Skills: 
​character, setting, plot
compare & contrast
Reading Skills: 
​character, setting, plot
Reading Skills: 
compare & contrast
Reading Skills: 
​cause & effect
Reading Skills: 
point of view
McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders Unit 5 
Weeks 1-5
serious                 furious                eruption                usually            direction
position               forgetful            comfortable            finally            destruction
apparently          completely           eventually             carefully          microscopic
allergic               scientific              safety                  activity            sickness
distance              ambulance          substance                aquatic           mathematics
Unit 5 Week 1 Spelling Kahoot! (error analysis in context)
Unit 5 Week 2 Spelling Kahoot! (20 questions using context clues)
Unit 5 Week 3 Spelling Kahoot! (error analysis in context)
Unit 5 Week 4 Spelling Kahoot! (error analysis in context- 20 questions)
Unit 5 Week 5 Spelling Kahoot! (error analysis in context)
prewash                disable                discolor            mistaken                preheats
mistrust              incorrect             disconnect          preview                 prejudge
misjudge             discomfort             dismount        misunderstand           disobey
dishonest              injustice             disapprove        inexpensive            indefinite
presence             stationary              current           prehistoric            misbehave
Appositives YouTube length 2:56
suite                    sweet                    pray                    prey                    poll
pole                     waste                   waist                   manor                manner            pier                      peer                   currant               current              presence            presents             council                 counsel             stationery           stationary        eruption            forgetful              allergic                kernal                 colonel

sadness            gladness            needless            harmless                    darkness
fullness            stillness            hopeless            fearless                    weakness
bottomless       foolishness        fondness        effortless                    meaningless
emptiness        forgiveness        motionless        ceaseless                    fierceness
disobey             mistrust            preview         weightlessness        thoughtlessness
impress                correct                elect                discuss                locate
decorate              confuse                estimate         impression           correction
election               discussion             location          decoration           confusion
estimation           concentrate          exhaust          concentration      exhaustion