Week 5
Stage Fright
joint                    foul                    coil                       hoist                    stout
dawdle               mouthful              counter                  brought                bawl
fountain              sprawls               douse                     clause                 sprouts
cautious              turmoil               scrawny                foundation           turquoise
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Week 1
Who Wrote the U.S. Constitution?
rattlers               fangs               countries               liberties              potatoes
rodeos                 taxes                reptiles              surroundings           beliefs
difficulties         batches              abilities                lashes                 identities
losses                 possibilities        notches                zeroes                   eddies

Week 2
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
Week 3
The Boy Who Drew Birds
Week 4
jogging               dripping                skimmed              accepted            amusing
easing                regretted             forbidding            referred            injured
deserved            applied                  relied                 renewing         complicated
qualified            threatening            gnarled                envied            fascinated

you've                  she'd                    that's                    what's            doesn't
there's                you're                  wasn't                     we'll              we've                       we're                 couldn't                  I've                      didn't             they're   
shouldn't            wouldn't                  he'd                      don't               isn't               
dentist                jogger                fifteen                flatter                submit
mustang               absent                hollow                 empire                blizzard
culture                goggles               summon                excite                 kennel
valley                fragment               gallop                vulture                pigment


Grammar Skills: 
kinds of nouns
Grammar Skills:
​singular & plural nouns
Grammar Skills:
​plural nouns
Grammar Skills:
​possessive nouns
review contractions
Grammar Skills:
​prepositional phrases
Reading Skills: 
problem and solution 
complex text
Reading Skills: 
character, setting, plot
compare & contrast
Reading Skills: 
Reading Skills: 
Reading Skills: 
Plural Nouns Frozen song parody 
YouTube length 3:46
The Noun Song Cup Song parody 
YouTube length 2:14
Billionaire Plurals play w/ earbuds
Unit 2 Week 1 Spelling Kahoot! (error analysis in context)
Unit 2 Week 2 Spelling Kahoot! (error analysis in context)
Unit 2 Week 3 Spelling Kahoot! (error analysis in context)
Unit 2 Week 4 Spelling Kahoot(error analysis in context)
Unit 2 Week 5 Spelling Kahoot! (error analysis in context)
How to Find a Theme YouTube length 11:05
McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders Unit 2 
resources may be used with 2014, 2017, 2020, and 2023 editions
Prepositions Sing Along 
YouTube length 2:33
Unit 2 Week 4 Vocabulary Kahoot! (understanding in context)
Unit 2 Week 2 Vocabulary Kahoot! (understanding in context)
Unit 2 Week 1 Vocabulary Kahoot! (understanding in context)
Unit 2 Week 5 Vocabulary Kahoot! (understanding in context)
Unit 2 Week 3 Vocabulary Kahoot! (understanding in context)
Which Definition? homographs
Which Sentence? homographs
AR Quiz List for
Candice Ransom