Week 5
The Future of Transportation 
jut                    nick                    tenth                    shrug                    stuff
sense                 damp                    cot                      fling                     notch
gush                   scan                    batch                   rough                    stump
tough                 laugh                   guess                    lead                      dove
past                   dock                    plum                    cinch                     blond

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Week 1
One Hen
paste                    bride                    shave                    spice                    greed
plead                    greet                    heap                     paid                     coach
theme                   type                      oak                      growth                  yolk
folks                    aim                       prey                      tow                     grind
tenth                   damp                     stuff                    decay                   lifetime

Week 2
Second Day, First Impressions
Week 3
Camping With the President
Week 4
The Boy Who Invented TV
tuna                    duty                    lose                    few                    doom
bamboo               soothe                crooks                 hoof                    hooks
booth                 handbook              prove                 mute                   amuse
​plume                    hue                    view                  bruise                  union
theme                   coach                 bride                 strewn                 accuse
​heart                swear                    aboard                    squares                swore
chart                 scorn                    starch                     source                  fare
barge                thorn                    marsh                       force                  harsh
​scarce               coarse                   flare                       course                sword
soothe                prove                    hoof                        uproar                gorge
​ word                    nerve                    squirt                    verse                    surf
 lurk                     work                     stern                     spurts                  lurch
 blurt                   thirst                     spur                    learning                 shirt
 midterm              return                   squirm                   swerve                  yearns
 aboard                barge                   scarce                   merging                rehearse

Time for Kids 
news article
Grammar Skills:
types of sentences
Types of Sentences  Song
YouTube length 3:20
Grammar Skills:
subjects & predicates, idioms
Grammar Skills:
compound sentences & conjunctions
Grammar Skills:
complex sentences & using commas
Grammar Skills:
sentences and fragments
Comma Song YouTube length 3:15
Reading Skills: 
character, plot, setting
Reading Comprehension Jeopardy
genre, author's purpose, context clues, theme, inference
Reading Skills: 
problem & solution
character, plot, setting
Reading Skills: 
cause & effect
Reading Skills: 
Reading Skills: 
author's point of view
Idiom Hunt w/ earbuds
McGraw-Hill Reading Wonders Unit 1 
Weeks 1-5

Unit 1 Week 1 Spelling Kahoot! (error analysis in context)
Unit 1 Week 2 Spelling Kahoot! (error analysis in context)
Unit 1 Week 3  Spelling Kahoot! (error analysis in context)
Unit 1 Week 4 Spelling Kahoot! (error analysis in context)
Unit 1 Week 5 Spelling Kahoot! (error analysis in context)
 Idioms & Their Meaning
YouTube length 2:23
  Subject & Predicate Song 
YouTube length 2:30
Coordinating Conjunctions
YouTube length 3:15
Hey Conjunctions Song 
YouTube length 3:07
Clauses & Fragments
YouTube length 3:53
Unit 1 Week 2 Vocabulary Kahoot! (understanding in context)
Unit 1 Week 5 Vocabulary Kahoot! (understanding in context)
Unit 1 Week 3 Vocabulary Kahoot! (understanding in context)
Unit 1 Week 4 Vocabulary Kahoot! (understanding in context)
4 Ways to Use Commas YouTube length 3:17
AR Quiz List for
Michelle Knudsen
AR Quiz List for
Ginger Wadsworth