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Let's Meet Laurence Yep
Internet Scavenger Hunt
Written By Mrs. Dingman
March 2004
(updated September 2008)

Directions: Visit the web sites listed below. Record your answers on your activity sheet, using complete sentences. Do NOT use pronouns in the first sentence of each answer, unless you are referring to yourself.

          Laurence Yep's Biography

* What year was Mr. Yep born? How old is he now? Use the space below your answer on your activity sheet to show the work you used to figure out how old Mr. Yep is. 
* What genre did Mr. Yep begin writing when he was in high school? How old was he when his first story was published? 
* Where does Mr. Yep live now? 
* For what audience does Mr. Yep feel his writing has the largest appeal? Why does he feel that way? 

          Meet the Author- Laurence Yep

* Why did Laurence Yep feel "somewhat separate from others" as he was growing up?
* How much was Mr. Yep paid for his first story, sold to a science fiction magazine?
* What does Mr. Yep have to say about good writing?

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