We recently completed short, narrative paragraphs to meet the guidelines set by Writer's Digest Magazine, Kid's Assignment #73. Writer's Digest challenged us with this prompt:

Your trusted pal Fido has run away, so you hang fliers all over the neighborhood for his safe return. Lo and behold, he shows up in the comforts of your backyard with a wild “tail” to tell. Where was Fido, and why did he run away? Write about his escapades as creatively as possible, but don’t exceed 75 words. 

Enjoy our stories!

This project aligned with the following Pennsylvania Academic Standards:
1.1.5 Learning to Read Independently
1.4.5 Types of Writing
1.5.5 Quality of Writing
3.7.5 Technological Devices
Wild Tails
Written by
Mrs. Dingman's 5th grade
December 2006
MeganDecember 6, 2006

Wild Tail
I asked Cheese why he ran away, thinking, he's not going to answer. He's a dog. To my surprise, he said he ran away because I had paint. Cheese said he thought that I was going to paint him into something wacky. (Yeah, I know... why would I do something like that... so I painted my brother's hair once... big deal!!) I told Cheese to go inside. We did. We lived happily ever after.
LukeDecember 6, 2006

Wild Tail
My trusted pal Fido went through a portal to another world where dog food is paved into the street and there are miles and miles of the best dog bones in the world. Also, in that doggy cosmos, cats are your slaves. Fido sprinted away because in the canine world it was vacation. So Fido took several days off in that awesome place and had the time of his life. 
FernandoDecember 6, 2006

Wild Tail
You fed me cat food so I left. Then I was lifted. It was a flying saucer! It was quiet. I saw the alien. He had black almond-shaped eyes. I asked if he understood me. He turned a screen on. He nodded. The screen was a translating device. He tried to dissect me. I sprang out the window and disembarked back home. And that is how I got to be where I am today.

DarrenDecember 6, 2006

Wild Tail
Okay, here's the story... I was thinking I could help dogs get out of the pound. I snuck out. I heard the guard's keys turn in the door... Wait... so you're saying that you saved 25 dogs out... BE QUIET MAC. I'M TRYING TO TELL MY STORY!!! I was just about to tell you the part about the guard coming into the pound. He saw me helping the dogs out. Then all went home. 
JakeDecember 6, 2006

Wild Tail
I was so mad, but happy at the same time. It was Dudley! He said that he went to the pound to see his brother Chowder. He said that he was sorry and never did that again. Dudley muttered under his breath (I really went to Atlantic City to gamble HA HA HA) But I heard him and this time he really meant that he was sorry. Or did he? DUDLEY!

NicoleDecember 6, 2006

Wild Tail
First, I embraced Fido. Then, I asked him where he went, and shouted at him. Then out of the blue Fido said, "I went to the circus and I was a clown!!!" I asked him where he learned to talk, LIKE A HUMAN!!! I said, "Why did you run away?" He said, "My friends said it was breathtaking and it was." Then we went outside and played fetch together and I embraced him, again. 
KaitlynDecember 6, 2006

Wild Tail
Well my name is Kaitlyn. I had to go on the subway to get to New York. I had to go to work on the dogline. It was the mission that made me run away because I am usually a spydog. I was all over New York trying to go to dog headquarters. I got a new mission and I came back here and that is why I ran away.
P.S. Yes I can talk!!
SydneyDecember 6, 2006

Wild Tail
His name is Kado. This is the story I got from him. He started, "One dark and dreary day I was chewing my bone when suddenly I heard someone yell food. I ran after the sound of the voice. A really mean dognapper threw me into the back of the kennel. When I finally got out I ran as fast as I could go home," he said. "And that's my story."
JustinDecember 6, 2006

Wild Tail
I found my dog Jeremy in my backyard. I have been looking for him for twenty-four hours. I worried about him. My dog Jeremy was alone. It was dark. It was nine o'clock and I was just going to bed when I heard his howl. I came out with a flashlight and shined it on him. My dog Jeremy was in a dark alley with mean dogs. The dogs threw him out. He was scared. 
SarahDecember 6, 2006

Wild Tail
Anyway, my name isn't Fido anymore, it's Bandit. I ran away because I needed to go to a pet spa for my shocking feet. You never take me to a life-size, breathtaking pet spa. I went there because my feet needed treatment. My feet are cracky. I was never going to come back but I needed someone. Now I feel approval that my feet feel dazzling. That's why I went to the spa. 
JeremyDecember 6, 2006

Wild Tail
One day I was at the house and my dog wasn't there. I was scared. His name was Skull. I posted papers everywhere so people would know he is missing. But nobody found him. He was my best friend forever. The next day was hard with him not there. I was playing in my back yard and there he was. But, he looked like he had a Rhinoceros on him. Oh my! It was!!
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