* If your student is not riding the bus, a NO BUS note should be given to me. 

* For blank No Bus notes you can print at home, click 

* NO BUS notes may be used for dismissal needed before the end of the school day OR rear-door dismissal at the end of the school day.
* The day your student returns to school is the day a note explaining his/her absence is due.

* The note needs to be written on a piece of paper I can turn in to the office. 

*  Excuse note needs to include your student's name, my name, date of absence, and reason for absence.

* For blank excuse notes you can print at home, click 
Welcome to 5th grade! I look forward to a rewarding and challenging year, as well as the opportunity to get to know you and your student. If you have questions or concerns at any time during the school year, please feel free to leave me a voice mail message, write a note on your student's homework sheet, or email me. 
* If your student is absent from school, he or she is responsible for making up class work and homework missed. 

* A "We Missed You" form will be prepared by me listing all missed class work and homework assignments.This form, attached to completed missed classwork and homework, must be turned in by the due date written in order for your student to receive credit. 

* You can arrange to pick up your student's work or have it sent home with a friend or sibling in our building. Please call me in the morning, before school, on the day of your student's absence, to let me know what would be most convenient. 

* The number of days absent will equal the number of days allowed to make up work.

* Extensions for making up work will be given in emergency or unique circumstances.

* Your student is responsible for turning in the "We Missed You" form and all assignments missed.
If your student needs medication in school, a special form needs to be filled out and given to our school nurse along with your student's medication. Blank "medication in school" forms were included in the packet of information your student received. Additional blank "medication in school" forms are available from our school nurse.
More detailed information, describing district & school policy, may be requested from our school office. 
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Welcome to 
Mrs. Dingman's 5th Grade
School Supplies
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Please note: 
This recommended list is for Mrs. Dingman's 5th grade students only. 
Other 5th grade teachers may have varying recommendations. 
Excuse Notes
No Bus Notes
Absent from School?
Need Medication in School?
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Parent/Teacher Conferences
November 21, 2017

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* rather than teachers assigning appointment times, 
families choose the appointment time 
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Open House 
     Wednesday Sept. 7, 2016
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