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Spelling Lists for Danny, the Champion of the World
Class Novel Spelling
Mrs. Dingman's 5th Grade
Literature Circles time is a favorite in our classroom. Small groups are formed based upon interest in a particular novel and discussion groups are scheduled once each week to respond to the reading. Can't wait until the weather warms... Novels and beach towels... outside...
Spelling lists for each novel were generated by students. Words that were unfamiliar, interesting, unusual, or important to the reading helped to create each one.  
Spelling Lists for Number the Stars
contempt   sabotage   exasperated   defiantlyimpassive
obstinate        synagogue       dawdled            dubiously     torment
murmur          suspicious       tentatively         distorted      relocate
deftly            imprinted       massive             ruefully       urgency
concealed       deprivation       brusque            integrity        taut
TEST: April 19, 2010 
protrudeunfamiliar    inferior    latticed          saliva
tantalize          courageous        permeated      anthem          heroine
swastika           hoodlum           rucksack       sneering        trousseau
intricate            lanky            holocaust       ridiculed        visible
TEST: May 3, 2010
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Matching, Concentration, & Word Search
Ordered List
List #1
Spelling Lists Everyone Else's Parents Said Yes
List #2
Matching, Concentration, & Word Search
Ordered List
enormousmysteriously tremendous amazing  swoop
compliment  complicated   ravenous    indicatesuperior
glimpse  collapse knuckles  accelerator   speedometer
anesthetic    patient astonished ambulance   infuriating
destruction   judgmentdessert  droolcellophane
distractedgorillaassignment    invitation nightmare
gullible   familiarweirdgranola  syrup
squealingimmediately evidence  smudge  advantage
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