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Words in Context                            2004/2005
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We were asked to select any 8 words from our current Spelling list. We checked the meanings of those words using dictionaries, choosing the one meaning that would make sense in the stories we were about to create. We wrote with distinctive voices, creative imaginations, and demonstrated we really understand that "context clue thing"! Enjoy our creativity!
Stories Using Spelling Lesson 11 Words
Marygrace                                                November 10, 2004

Treasure Hunt

I rolled the dice. I needed a seven to win. Everyone held their breath as the dice rolled. The first stopped. It was a four. The other die rolled and came to a stop. It was a three! 
“I won!” I screamed.
The person who was up against me slammed his fist on the dice table. 
“One more round winner takes all plus this…” He pulled a wrinkled piece of paper out of his book bag.  "This here is a treasure map. Legend has it that the treasure is buried on an island called Omsarea. (Om-sar-e-a). You win, you get to keep your money and you get the map. I win, I get everything.” He talked like a winner and shoved his hand out.
Full of maybe too much cockiness, I gave his hand a firm shake. He lips curved into an evil smile as I threw the dice. The first landed. It was a one. The second spun on its side for a minute and finally landed. I looked at it holding my breath. It was a six!! The man threw the map at me and stormed out of the diner. 
I gathered up my things and I walked out of my favorite diner into the cold, starry night. The icy wind blew and cut through my layers of clothes. I pulled my jacket tighter, still clutching the treasure map. I walked up the cement stairs to my apartment building. I stepped in the door and put my coat on the coat rack. My cat, Sam, rubbed his side on my leg and meowed. I reached down to pet him and put some cat food in his bowl. I walked into my bedroom and lay down on my bed, which was covered with clothes and my suitcase. I packed the map into one of them. I was leaving tomorrow to go to Italy on a private plane. Sam jumped on the bed with me. I got under the covers and I fell asleep listening to him purr as I stroked his head.  
The next morning I woke early, shoving Sam off the bed, gathered up my things, and drove to the airport. About half way into the flight the plane began to shake. It made a strange sound. I was suddenly pushed forward and the plane was dropping fast.
The pilot came running into the back of the plane and screamed, “The plane’s going to crash!” 
We went down with the nose of the plane pointed downward. We hit the ground and rolled twice. When the plane finally stopped, it was on the roof. I crawled out of the window and ran around the front to see if the pilot was OK. He was fine and he had gotten out of the plane. When we stood up we saw we were on a small island. My clothes and suitcases were scattered all over the place. I got on my hands and knees and I began gathering up my things. That’s when I found the treasure map. I took off the leather strap and unrolled it carefully.  I leaned up against a rock and looked at it. On it there was a rock shaped like a sword at the starting point, a large cliff in the middle, and a waterfall in the middle. I got up and went over to the plane. The pilot was trying to see what went wrong. 
“I going to take a walk to try and get my adrenalin down,” I told him.
“A walk?! We’re stranded on some island in the middle of nowhere and you’re going on a walk?!”
 With that I left him and started walking still holding the map. After I walked for a pretty long time I sat down to rest. While I was sitting there I realized something familiar. It was a rock but it looked like something. I figured it out. The rock looked like a sword! I opened the map. I looked around and everything I saw was on the map. I went sprinting back to the plane. 
“Look!” I shouted to him and shoved the map in his face. I was out of breath and had an aching pain in my side but I was too excited to care.
“What am I looking at? This is nothing but an old wrinkled piece of paper.”
“Follow me!” I shouted
We ran to the spot where I was resting.
“What’s going on?” He demanded. “I got to try and fix the plane.”
I gave him the map again. He studied it for a few moments.
“Oh my gosh! Do you know what this means?! We are going to find the treasure of Omsarea and be rich!” he shouted. “Let’s go!”
 I looked at the map “We start right where we are and then we go towards the sunset. If we hurry we will be there by nightfall.”
We started walking west. When we got to the tall cliff we turned left and walked 200 paces. We were deep into the woods now. When we walked the 200 paces we looked at the map again.
“Okay, now all we need to do is find the waterfall and go through the cave and it should be there.” 
We went up to the glistening waterfall and went through it. It looked like a lady crying. There was a long tunnel. Next the map said to go to where the light shines and dig. We walked for a while. Then there was a hole in the top of the tunnel and the light shone through. Since the soil was soft we dug with our hands and feet. Soon we felt something hard. It was a big chest. We pulled it up and set it on the ground. 
“What do you think is in there?” the pilot asked.
“It could be anything. Gold, jewels, precious diamonds.”
We pried off the lid. It was a wooden box with a golden lid. It was everything someone could ask for. We hauled the chest back to the plane. As soon as we got there, lightning flashed and the rain started falling. 
“In the morning I’ll fix the plane and we’ll get off this island and be rich,” the pilot said.
“That sounds good. Let’s get under the plane and get to sleep. We have lots of work to do in the morning.”

To Be Continued…

All Spelling Lesson 11 Words Are Underlined

Pennsylvania State Standards continued to be met with this writing project:
1.2.5 Reading Critically in All Content Areas
1.3.5 Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
1.4.5 Types of Writing
1.5.5 Quality of Writing
3.7.5 Technological Devices
"Treasure Hunt" written by Marygrace
"Christmastime on an Island..." written by Alyssa
Alyssa Loveall                                             November 10, 2004

Christmastime on an Island Called the Best Island Ever

Hi my name is Caitlin Dewlady. Today I am going to tell you what Christmastime is like on The Best Island Ever. Now I would like to introduce you to my friends. They are Alyssa Marie, Sarah Lovelady, and Katie Kirk. Every single year we all decorate this senior citizen retirement home with red, green, and sparkling decor. The retirement home is called Bayside Meadows. All the people who live there are really nice. All of the people are married couples, which I think is really cool and interesting.  Even though Christmas is in the winter we celebrate it in the autumn and Thanksgiving in the winter. Since we live on an island nobody cares, in fact, we all like this tradition. I especially like the tradition because it is unique and very fun to do.
My friends and I always start decorating by getting together to talk and design how we are going to decorate Bayside Meadows. (We know we always have a budget of one hundred dollars, which helps us plan.) The four of us are always every year half and half on what idea we should use so we have to call in the manager of Bayside Meadows. First we always go shopping downtown at a store called We Love Christmastime In The Autumn. Every year we go up and down every single aisle buying all the things we need to make Bayside Meadows the most-Christmasy building on the block. Next we go to Katie’s dad’s store to buy tons of fake snow to put on the lawn at a good price. Then we went to the manager of Bayside Meadows to tell her how well everything was going with the planning and buying. 
When we are talking to her she says I think I have a foreign couple that you would really want to meet. Then she takes us into a room where Mr. and Mrs. S’vion are telling stories to entertain the other senior citizens. So we sat down to join them. Mrs. S’vion would have the most excellent stories except for Mr. S’vion is always butting in. We also found out we could barely leave, the stories were so interesting, but we finally had to leave to get back to work. 
The final week before Christmas (November 25 is Christmas) we finished putting up all of the decorations up including the big 12-foot blow-up Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. We also snuck in a 50-foot Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. (Which we found out looked very weird compared to the 12-foot couple.) Then we all stood back and looked at all of our hard work. The fake snow glistened in the sunlight and the lights that were strung were lit up beautifully in the night sky. After all that admiring all four of us went inside to have hot chocolate and listen to more descriptive stories from Mrs. S’vion (along with the annoying butting in of Mr. S’vion. I can’t wait until next year because the manager said we could have a one thousand dollar budget instead of a one hundred dollar budget because we did so well this year. The manager also said we get a one hundred dollar budget for Easter, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, Halloween, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and last but not least, New Year’s Day.

All Spelling Lesson 11 Words Are Underlined

"The Frightful Storm" written by Caitlin D. 

Caitlin D.November 10, 2004

The Frightful Storm

Hi, my name is Jenny. My family and I went on a cruise to the Bahamas when a hurricane hit. The ship was filled with piercing screams. I was with a friend that I met when we were at the harbor. So I went looking for my mom and dad. Thankfully my friend came with me because if she hadn’t I would have gotten lost. We finally found my dad and said what are we going to do! Then my mom barged in the room and screamed I’ve been looking all over for you two. To make it worse my friend’s mom came in! Then I said hi, Mrs. Winkler. (Oh did I tell you what my friends name is? It’s Stephanie.) So anyway, Mrs. Winkler came in without even knocking. Mrs. Winkler is an old grouch so I don’t really like her. 
A week or two ago I told Stephanie this. Boy! Did she flip out on me! She started yelling at me in French! At least I think she did. I think she’s still mad at me. I also think she told her mom because ever since Mrs. Winkler always looks at me funny. OK, back to the story. Just then the ship crashed into a deserted island! Everyone fell to the ground.  Then the ship split in half! So there went our ride back home down to the bottom of the sea. OK, only half of it. As the ship was filling up with water we jumped out. Then Stephanie turned around and said Jenny turn around. So I did. I saw blooming flowers and honeysuckle. They all glistened like a thousand diamonds. There were palm trees everywhere we looked. Then we heard loud noises. Could there possibly be other people on this island? 
The sweet smell of honey drifted me away from thoughts. Stephanie called out to me and said I found something in the woods! I’ll be right there I yelled back. I followed the scent of honey until I got to the huge beehive that looked as if there was a giant in there. I screamed and ran until I hit Mrs. Winkler in the head. She yelled and screamed at me until I ran away from her. 
After that I went to find Stephanie, but she was nowhere in sight. Then finally walking for like a thousand miles I found her. She said look at the habitat of this place. I looked around and said what about it? Then she said this kind of habitat is different than any other. (To this day I still don’t get what she was talking about.) 
Then it was time for dinner. I had gotten really hungry since the ship crashed. I went over to my mom and asked what’s for dinner? The most horrid words came out of her mouth, FISH! Just then I lost my appetite. Luckily I had some Doritos left over from lunch. I also had some gum. So about 12:00 midnight I woke up from a huge lightning storm and got really hungry. But I was too tired to find my bag. I just went back to sleep horrified.
In the morning I went onto the shore and found a slaughtered white whale! I think I got a little disgusted because I got very sick. Then it was about the beginning of autumn when I got better. I went onto shore and saw a huge plane passing by but it couldn’t see me. As soon as everyone else saw it they all started…  well tried… to make a fire. But by the time they did the plane was long gone. Everyone kept the fire going and with enough knowledge soon the plane would come back. The fire kept on glowing like a million stars but still no plane. 
Soon everyone got on each other’s nerves but Stephanie and I stayed very calm. We tried to split everyone up but it was no use. About 10 days later the plane came back. It finally saw the smoke we had made from the fire. We were saved! Everyone yelled.
The plane landed and we all got aboard. I never got my vacation to the Bahamas but this was good enough. 
“That’s the end of my summer journal!” I yelled at Mrs. Cherry. Then all the kids took a huge gasp. I was so proud at that moment. I thought to myself just wait till next year. I’m going to Hawaii.
To be continued…

All Spelling Lesson 11 Words Are Underlined

"The Mysterious Island" written by A. J. 
A.J. November 10, 2004

The Mysterious Island

Once upon a time there was a man who went in a boat and swam off in the lake. He later found an island and walked around to find some buried treasure. He was following the map when he felt a hand on his back. He turned around and before he could scream, the man fell to the floor. The CSI came to the island and they found some clues. They found a sword with the top of the blade missing, and they found a shirt that was cut in half. The CSI were very excited to find the evidence, but they remained calm. After a couple of days there were two other people missing on that same island! The CSI were starting to get suspicious. 
After a month of hard detecting and finding clues they found out who the man was. The man was looking for treasure on an Island when suddenly a lightning bolt hit him! He then mutated [like Godzilla] into a four-handed lizard and he had a sword for slaughtering you in half if he saw any one try to take the buried treasure. The CSI found out his name was Freddy L Pishardenturbeck. 
They talked about what to do with him, and they found four conclusions. They could put him in jail for life, mutate him back into a human and let him be a regular person again, charge him with manslaughter, or give him the death penalty. They found out the choice. Oh yeah, I forgot… they forgot the fourth option, which was to give him to pirates who will make him stand on the plank with a blindfold on with a sword sticking right behind him, which will make him walk the plank, which will make him swim to an island that has buried tr……Wait! Let’s just stick to the first option. So Freddy L Parsenduckwhebb… whatever his name was, spent the rest of his life in jail. 

All Spelling Lesson 11 Words Are Underlined

"The War of the Islands" written by Eric
EricNovember 10, 2004

The War of the Islands

One day on our small, little island of Maja, there was an unexpected battle. Another clan called the Makalo’s were attacking our clan the, Majasos. They brought swords, maces, clubs, and whips and they were trying to enslave our citizens to work their mineshafts. Eventually they enslaved my civilization and the Majasos were no more, until one day when five of the Majasos men and me started a riot. The other five Majasos men were slaughtered, but one man and me. I started to ask the man his name. He said, “My name is …… ughhh.” He fell…. dead to the ground, shot by an adamantine arrow, and I was left alone.
I took the arrow out of his body and threw it back at the Makalo men, as if it were a dart. Then I ran out of the caves. I found a sword glistening on the ground. I took it and started walking towards where the main Majasos village once was. Then I became calmer than I was a second ago. At lightning speed I slashed behind my back and saw my pursuers. There were at least twenty imperial guardsmen, ten archers, four ninjas, and one huge sumo warrior!
The archers loosened their iron arrows, the imperial guardsmen took their barbed swords out of their scabbards, the ninjas took their knives out of their ninja tabbies (very light shoes that ninjas wear that can store darts, small blades, or knives in), and the sumo warrior charged at me! They did this all at once… then all of a sudden… a crack of lightning hit my attackers and they dropped dead to the floor. With them lying there motionless, I walked away and thought how that could possibly happen. I started on my way to a different place… a place where everyone can live free.
I soon stumbled upon a village in my travels, a village called Tokanhm. Tokanhm had the very famous armorer (an armor designer) living there. His name was Kamu, but later I found he resigned from his job. His village was in ruins. I could not find him in all the rubble; it was as if he died. Calmly I walked away.
To Be Continued…

All Spelling Lesson 11 Words Are Underlined

"A Walk in the Huge Garden" written by Sarah
SarahNovember 10, 2004

 A Walk in the Huge Garden

Every day during autumn, in the Huge Garden, people walked on the path by the orchids that glistened in the sun like a sword. One day a couple, named Harry and Jenny, had gone to the way back of the Huge Garden (which people say is haunted) and stayed over night, but of course, like all stories they saw nothing. When they stated this to the owner of the garden, AKA Renee, she didn’t care! They stayed back there every night for two whole weeks just to prove it was not haunted.
One day the couple went to the eastern corner of the garden (which people say is the most haunted and) that’s when Jenny thought that she should paint a design on the wall. So she sent Harry to the store for some chalk while she thought of a design. When Harry came back, she was ready so she got started. It took six days to finish the design. 
I was hoping that you all knew if it rains a design is ruined and that’s just what happened! That night there was a big (and I mean big) thunder and lightning storm and the painting was washed away forever (or was it?)
Jenny was not going to take it anymore. She sent Harry for two buckets of chalk this time and some plants for the back of the garden, so it looked nicer and so that Harry had something to do. He got started and so did Jenny. This time Jenny did it twice as fast and had to help Harry with the planting of flowers.
The next day Harry set off in the morning with a blindfold to fetch Renee. They had a plan! When Renee and Matthew got to the back of the huge garden it was the evening! (That’s how big the garden is.) Then Matthew took the blindfold off Renee. She screamed, she was so surprised. Renee loved it and added that the plants were beautiful. Renee thanked them profusely, and said sorry for not believing them that the back of the Huge Garden was not haunted at the beginning. 

     All Spelling Lesson 11 Words Are Underlined

"Lewis" written by Jeremy
Jeremy November 10, 2004


The year was 1864. In New York there was a farmer boy who had just turned 18. His name was Lewis. He wanted to do something else and not be a farmer. He got an idea he would join the army. Lewis had no knowledge of weapons or fighting. Lewis had a long time of training and soon became a lieutenant. He received a sword to show he was a lieutenant. The saber glistened in the light and the design of the horse on the blade was very detailed. Lewis had always had a passion for animals so he felt really bad when his troops had not a lot of food and he had to slaughter a deer for food. Then the day came the troops went to battle. 
It was now 1865 and the first battle the troops had to fight was Gettysburg. Before the battle Lewis wanted to talk with his general about a higher rank but the general said he couldn’t and he was sorry. The troops had to wake up bright and early the next morning to march to battle. The battle had begun. The troops loaded and shot and did this for the rest of the day. Soon the battle was over and the union troops had caught the rebel lieutenant and said he must ride home and resign from the rebel army. The next day the troops had to wake up bright and early again for the next battle. This battle was on a big open field on the outskirts of Gettysburg. The fighting was intense and brutal. Lewis was fighting as hard as he could and fought well. Then something terrible happened…
Lewis had been shot. He was still standing but was in much pain. Then another terrible thing happened. He had been stabbed with a bayonet. He hit the ground and cried in pain. The general knew it was him right away and picked him up and carried him to his horse. The general took him to a doctor about a mile away from the battlefield but there was no hope. Lewis had died. A couple days later there was the funeral. The soldiers from Lewis’s troop carried his coffin down the aisle and put his sword on the top of it. Nobody would ever forget Lewis. They would always honor him for his bravery and courage. 

All Spelling Lesson 11 Words Are Underlined

Stories Using Spelling Lesson 16 Words
"$110,000 Down the Drain" by Eric
"Lord of the Rings (The New Age)" by Jeremy
"Dan's Life" by Dan
"The Mystery of the Priceless Heirloom" by Alyssa
"Heartland-..." by Amy
"Life on the Island" by Samantha
"The First Day of School" by Cassandra
"Bridge to Madness" by Jacqui
"The Mystery of Prison Island..." by Star
"Treasure Hunt Part 2" by Marygrace
"The Mystery in Mexico" by Caitlin D. 
Eric December 14, 2004

$110,000 Down the Drain

It all started on June 14, 2004, the end of school. I was just about to get on the bus, but as I was walking to it something…. caught my eye. It was something… green and it looked like paper, and I got real excited because I’m really excitable. I went over to where the piece of paper was and there it was staring me right in the face. There were at least one hundred fifty-dollar bills, fifty one hundred dollar bills, and the biggest of them all, a one hundred thousand-dollar bill! At first I thought it was play money or counterfeit, but I looked really closely and thought it was real. Then two more thoughts came to my head. I could be greedy and take all of the money or give it to the police and if nobody claimed it in thirty days it’d be mine. If I was greedy I could keep all the precious $110,000 or I could turn it into the police, which was what I was going to do tomorrow.
The next day, when I woke up, I searched in my soft pillowcase, looking for the money. At first I could not find it. Later I realized my mom had changed my fluffy pillowcases, so I yelled down to her. I said, “Mom where did my good pillowcases go?” She said, “They’re in the washing machine. Why?” “No reason,” I yelled back to her. I ran downstairs and went to the washing machine, but she’d already started it, and again she forgot to put washing fluid in it, which was senseless anyway. My mom wasn’t really capable of washing someone’s clothes, not that she was careless, it was because the washer was tall and bottomless, while my mom was not very tall.
I hurried to the washer and stopped it, then opened it. The money was still intact, well some of it at least. The washer shredded $10,000. I sighed. There was at least $100,000 left. I’d better hurry to the Police Department, before more money is lost. On the way to the Police Station it was raining. I thought to myself that I was reliable, but I thought too soon. About three minutes away from the Police station I slipped and I dropped all of the money into the sewer. I said to myself, “It’s useless!!!” Then I noticed a $100 dollar bill was still there. I picked it up and noticed it was play money. I must’ve been careless when I checked if it was real or not.
Spelling Lesson 16 Words Are Underlined

Jeremy December 14, 2004

Lord of the Rings (The New Age)

The war of mankind had just ended. The new age had just begun. Aragorn had married Eowen. The one ring had been destroyed and life was peaceful again… but not for long. In Isangaured Saromorn the evil and much-hated wizard planned to forge a new ring and bring Sauron, the most evil soul, back to life. Orcs made fires, cut down trees, and made weapons. The fires of Mt. Doom forged the new ring. Sauron’s soul had come back to life. The Orcs plotted a secret attack on Gondor and Rohan. Aragorn left Rivendale and walked and rode thousands of miles through the dampness and darkness of caves, swam in what seemed to be bottomless bodies of water. He fought mountain trolls all with his reliable sword of Gondor and his bow and arrow. Meanwhile back in Isangaurd Orcs were digging up Orucie to kill the only living people of mankind. Sam, Merry, and Pippen all felt helpless without Frodo. Frodo had left after the last war to a far away island where he would never be disturbed again.
Isangaurd was unleashed and millions of Orcs and Orucie were pouring out of Isangaurd attacking Gondor and Rohan. Aragorn had finally reached Gondor and helped fight. He led the battle for Gondor. He swung his powerful sword and shot his flying arrows. That was enough because the battle had ended …but the war had just begun. “We must destroy the ring. It is our only hope,” Aragorn said to the council of Gondor and Rohan. “The fate of mankind lies in our hands,” he said.
A week later a new battle came up and it was the biggest battle ever. Many men and Orcs were killed but mankind came through and won the battle. But the task wasn’t over. The ring had to be destroyed and Aragorn had the job of doing that. He was very understandable of his task. He had to ride on horseback hundreds of miles. He was restless and would not stop for anything. He rode and rode and thought of all things precious to him. He memorized the Elvin code to get into the dark mountain to destroy the ring. Finally he reached Mt. Doom to destroy the ring but had a hard time because of all the Orcs he had to fight. 
He finally reached the top. He ran to the entrance of Mt. Doom and threw the ring as hard as he could. It bounced off the wall right into an Orc’s hand. Aragorn quickly shot the Orc with two arrows and sent him into the fires of Mt. Doom. Aragorn’s task was over. He destroyed the ring. Aragorn went home and would never have to be disturbed again. Life was once again peaceful in Middle Earth the way it should have been many, many years ago.         
All Spelling Lesson 16 Words Are Underlined

DanDecember 14, 2004

Dan’s Life

One day by mom felt something in her stomach. Then my dad drove her to the hospital and she had a baby. When the baby came out it was me, Dan. I was helplessuseless, and most of all priceless.
 When I was 2 the food was tasteless to me. When I was 2 and three months I liked yellow bananas. When I was 2 and five months I discovered Gummy Bear vitamins that were good. I also watched Barney.     
I was careless when I was 5. I also tried to make a bottomless hole to China but it did not work. I like Power Rangers and Digimon. I discovered preschool and kindergarten. I liked to ride the tricycles all the time in preschool. In kindergarten there were a lot of bad kids that made spit balls.
I liked making sounds with my tongue when I was 8 and it worked. When I was 7 I lost my Game Boy and my first tooth. I used to be restless when I was 7 also. I USED TO like Pokemon. I liked playing video games just a little. But I loved watching T.V.!
Now I am 10 and I love Christmas and Easter. I remember all my teachers like Mrs. Shneck, Mrs. Stampion, Mrs. Wasley, and Mrs. Dingman, Mrs. Deanglo, and Mrs. Dingman again. Ah yes, the good times. I am more into Nickolodean, video games, computer, and my favorite FOOTBALL! I almost forgot. Today is December 16, 2004. That means 8 days until CHIRSTMAS, the best holiday to me. I am getting really excited. I want to be a professional football player and have a nice orange and blue convertible corvette when I am older.

All Spelling Lesson 16 Words Are Underlined

Alyssa December 16, 2004
The Asinatta Herald

The Mystery of the Priceless Heirloom
By: Erin Nicolette Thomas
(A reporter for the Asinatta Herald)
“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  “What is it Mother?” (who is also Your Majesty) Danielle the Queen’s daughter (who is also her lady in waiting) called while running down the hall at a trot? Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT COULDN’T BE IT COULDN’T BE Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Danielle heard her mother scream again and broke all of her very proper training rules that are very, very, very important and ran as fast as she could to the parlor where the screaming was coming from. (Later I interviewed the servants who said the noise was ear-piercing) As she entered the parlor she ran towards the Queen just as she pointed and fainted, landing with a loud BOOM!!! Danielle then ran to the Queen to make sure she was still breathing and then ran to the phone to call the palace’s physician, Billy Bob Levell to come immediately to the parlor because the Queen had fainted. Then she grabbed the nearest vase, took the flowers out, and ran back to the Queen to dump the water on her to revive her. As she was doing that Dr. Billy Bob Levell ran into the room just as the Queen was awakening and lifted her onto the couch gently.  
After Danielle and Dr. Billy Bob Levell moved the Queen to her bedroom they sat around while she slept so they would be there when she talked to tell them what had happened in the parlor. Four long and boring hours later the Queen finally woke up and they took the chance to ask her if she wanted the police or a detective in the room to tell the story to if it was that serious. The Queen nodded and said yes, I will take a detective to tell the depressing story to. “A depressing story!” exclaimed Danielle. “Then it must be a sad thing that happened!”  “Oh yes, very,” the Queen replied! “I will call my dear personal friend James Joeseph Bob Sandlin to take the case for he is an excellent and the best detective I know,” stated Billy Bob Levell. Then the Queen said, “What kind of a name is James Joeseph Bob Sandlin!!”  “I really don’t know,” said Billy Bob Levell.  “But, it’s his given name and he has to use it unless he wants to pay a million dollars to change it.” Then Dr. Billy Bob Levell went to call his friend James Joeseph Bob Sandlin. (If you ever have a case sometime his phone number is 1-800-563-4121. It is even an eight- hundred number, which is a big plus.) 
Finally James Joeseph Bob Sandlin walked into the room and sat down in the comfortable chair offered to him by Danielle. After he had sat down he said now tell me what caused the screaming racket this morning? (Just to inform you he heard from the servants.) Well started the Queen I was going to have my afternoon tea in the parlor with my daughter who was late as usual (glaring very, very hard at Danielle as she said it) Danielle squeaked, “Sorry mother.”  “Ladies, ladies please. Let’s get back to the story<’ cried James Joeseph Bob Sandlin who was getting very restless. Okay said the Queen and continued her story. So when I went into the parlor. I stood in front of my chair looking at my family’s priceless vase. Except for the fact that it WASN’T THERE!!!!! So of course I started screaming and then fainted. “Those would be understandable moves,” said James Joeseph Bob Sandlin. Danielle said, “Dr. Billy Bob Levell get your mother some broth.” Danielle did that and came back and gave it to her mother. 
“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!” The Queen screamed. “I burned my tongue. Not to mention this broth is totally tasteless.” “By the way,” the Queen said remembering something, “We need that vase back by next week because Danielle is reciting a poem and the vase was to be part of the decorations.” 
“I will do my best,” said James Joeseph Bob Sandlin. “I will start now by looking for fingerprints by the fireplace and footprints on the floor. I will be back in an hour to tell you my results.” James Joeseph Bob Sandlin looked high and low but didn’t find a single footprint or fingerprint because the cleaning maid had come in and washed the walls and mopped the floor after the crime. James Joeseph Bob Sandlin went back to the Queen’s bedroom to tell them the bad news. James Joeseph Bob was really upset that he couldn’t show off his fantastic investigating skills to the Queen. 
To Be Continued…….

Hint: Do not leave town for the next five days. This story should be very interesting!

This is an epilogue to this Newspaper report. So you dear, dear readers won’t be worried ‘til the next issue. The priceless vase was recovered, although not by the detective James Joeseph Bob Sandlin…

All Spelling Lesson 16 Words Are Underlined

Amy December 16, 2004

The Place Where Miracles Can Happen   

It was a day I’ll never forget… I was the new stable hand at Heartland, a place where horses were healed from the fear of humans with special remedies and different herbs and plants. I work with Amy, a talented fifteen-year old (who had the same name as me) and Ty, the other stable hand. Lisa Stillmen was the owner of some of the best show-jumping Arabians at Sunny Oaks and one of her horses is at Heartland.
I was walking down the Heartland’s drive and I saw a pick-up with a horse trailer that had the crest of Sunny Oaks on it. I ran up to Lou, Amy’s older sister (a.k.a. Heartland’s manager), and asked what was going on. She said, “We’re getting a damaged horse, but only we had him before. He was a gift from my long lost father, but we couldn’t keep him because Amy was getting too caught up in shows that she almost forgot about us and the horses at Heartland.” “Oh, OK,” I answered.
 I walked up the path to the back barn to start mucking out stalls when I saw Amy talking to Lisa Stillmen. “How could you do this to him?!” yelled Amy. Her face was red hot. “Well it wasn’t me! It was one of the stable hands that had a whip and a rope! Storm was helpless! ” Lisa Stillmen shouted back. “ Just look at him. He is in the back of the stall prancing restlessly around and rearing if anyone gets close to him!” “How could you say it’s not your fault?” Amy screamed in reply! All of a sudden I heard Lisa’s footsteps marching down the path. I dodged behind a pile of hay to keep from being seen. Boy, Lisa looked really angry! I didn’t dare go ask Amy which stalls. So, I went to go find Ty, but first I wanted to see Storm.
 It took me about five minutes to find his stall. He was beautiful, but the fear in his eyes seemed bottomless. “He’s beautiful isn’t he?” I swung around and saw Ty standing right behind me “Yes, but his tongue is all swollen and to him his food seems tasteless. Can I go in his stall to get a better look at him?” I asked, “I don’t think it is a good …” It was too late. I already unlocked the door and was in the stall. I was using a special technique my grandpa (popop) taught me, making soft sssssssssssssssss’s sounds with my tongue and I was able to touch him! “Wow! Amy that is amazing! How do you do it?” Ty questioned. “It runs in the family,” I whispered back, grinning.  This was unbelievable! This horse was precious. It must have been very hard for Amy to give him up. Then Ty started to come in when Storm reared. I tried to calm him down but it was useless! The last thing I saw was Ty pulling Storm down from the rear and then… nothing. The world went blank.
When I woke up everything was white… white cloths, white walls. Where was I? For a moment I thought I was dreaming, and everything cleared up and I saw my mother in tears, my father, my two sisters, my brother, Amy, Ty, and Lou. “Where am I?” I asked, “You’re in the hospital, honey,” answered mom. “Storm’s hoof nicked your head,” Ty told me. I tried to sit up but I had a huge bump on my head and a humongous sore on my back.
A couple of weeks later Storm was cured of his fear of humans and my parents let me work at Heartland even after the accident. Amy is like my older annoying sister now. Ty has also been quite helpful in teaching me Heartlands techniques, and they both keep a special eye on me like I was their younger sister to them. We’re like a big family, and I found out that at Heartland miracles can happen.

All Spelling Lesson 16 Words Are Underlined

SamanthaDecember 14, 2004

Life On The Island (Sequel to The Life Changing Storm)

After we’d talked it over and decided that since we were helpless when it came to getting in contact with some who could rescue us we’d better start ourselves a mini-civilization. We crept carefully back aboard to get our supplies.  Pa and I were chosen to go because Pa had practically memorized the layout of the ship and knew the quickest way to get everywhere. I was small and light but reasonably strong.  When we went down below to the area where water had come in we realized that there was hardly anything desirable. Everything was wet and a mess.  So we went to the other rooms and were shocked to see that almost nothing necessary and/or helpful was available.  But we salvaged what we could and carried it back ashore.
We spent the first month or so building, planting, and setting up a routine.  We all managed to work together and construct a mini village of huts.  My family had a larger one so we could all be together.  But the main hut was the hut that housed the kitchen, the dining room, the classroom and the gathering room – basically a family room/living room but for everybody, not just family.  Our new home is surprisingly nice, and it took a surprisingly short time to prepare.  It’s amazing how comfortable and at home we already feel.
Since everything was set up we had a normal day.  The dampness covering all our books and supplies had finally evaporated so we had a regular school day.  Then, while Ma sewed, Pa explored, Second Mate carved, and Cook cooked, First Mate took Tyler and me for a swim in the bottomless ocean because we were acting restless without anything to do and we had been simply wandering around.  But we’d forgotten how cold the ocean is in spring, and we kept running in and running back out because of the cold.  Eventually we wore ourselves out and sprawled out on towels in the sand.  
A couple hours later Ty shook me awake, “Sarah, Sarah! We both fell asleep and now I can’t find First Mate,” he said worriedly. I calmed him down and together we went to the village.  Just like I thought, First Mate was already there.  Ma was mad at him for leaving us alone though, especially so close to high tide.  We convinced her we were fine though so she let him go with just a slight pay cut.  
For the next month or so we continued happily in much this way (except Ty and I never fell asleep on the beach again).  On June 17 a miracle happened.  A ship stopped at our island.  We were shocked, needless to say.  The people on the other boat came ashore to talk to us.  After talking awhile I realized that they wanted us to go back to the mainland with them, and I didn’t want to go!  This island feels more like home than even the ship ever did!  It seemed that everyone else agreed with me.
A couple of hours later, after some very heavy-duty discussion (mostly by the grown-ups but with a little of us kids’ opinions too) it was decided that we could stay on the island – under some strict conditions. The conditions were that we would have to come to the mainland at least once a month, we’d have to have the ship repaired so we’d have a way to get away if something bad happened, and we’d have to have more than one way to get in contact with people on the mainland.  
To us, these conditions were nothing. We actually liked them; especially the one about repairing the ship because we’d wanted to do that anyway.  So that’s how it all ended.  Long live the island Hochinseepin (ha-chance-pen, and yes we finally named it)!

All Spelling Lesson 16 Words Are Underlined

Cassandra December 14, 2004

My First Day Of School And On

It was the first day at my new school since I moved to Florida. It was half way through the year already. So I started to think I wouldn’t make any friends ‘til next year. But I was wrong. I met a girl in first period. Her name was Tracy. She seemed pretty nice to me. But then some other girl told me that I was off to a bad start for the school year. I was just thinking that she didn’t like Tracy very much. I asked the girl what her name was. She said it was Timberly.  Then Tracy yelled for me to come to her and she told me that I couldn’t hang out with Timberly or else she wouldn’t let me be her friend!
The only thing was that I wanted to be both of their friends. They both seemed reliable to me.  I didn’t know what to say to Timberly. I mean I didn’t want to hurt her feelings when I really didn’t want to. I still wanted to be her friend. At that moment I really didn’t feel comfortable around Tracy and her other friends. I was getting a feeling that they really didn’t like me that much. They kept staring at me like I killed someone! 
When everybody started walking home I tried to meet up with Timberly. But I couldn’t get anywhere near her without Tracy seeing me or else she wouldn’t let me be her friend anymore. Then I got lucky when Tracy turned to go to Ice Cream Land. So I went over to Timberly and asked her if she was still my friend and she said, “Why wouldn’t I be your friend anymore?” I said because of what happened this morning in school when Tracy said that you couldn’t be my friend anymore. I was so happy when Timberly said that she never worried about that kind of stuff because it never ever works on anybody Tracy says it to. They just leave her because she’s so mean. Timberly said bye because her house was before mine so I had to walk by myself for a while. I was restless when I got home but I was still mopey.
The next day of school was miserable. The teachers were all moping around and outside it was damp, raining, and the light was dim. I felt kind of sick but the nurse said I wasn’t. Tracy kept me in her sight the whole entire day! That was another thing that made the day even more miserable. I felt kind of tired until Tracy just blasted in my face for no reason and told me that I was in big trouble and that was it. I couldn’t think of anything I did to her that day. It was kind of freaky.
Today was our multipcation test and I memorized every factor. It just so happens that Tracy never studied them and she tried copying off my paper but the teacher caught her and gave her a big fat F. That made me think of what Timberly said to me that one day. I guess she was right, Tracy wasn’t that much of a reliable friend after all. I went on with my test and I got an A. After that I was beginning to think that Tracy wasn’t capable of having her own group and doing her homework or studying. 
At lunch Tracy said if I don’t let her cheat off my test I would be dead meat! She said she was too precious to be treated that way. I was so angry that I told her that I’m not going to be your friend anymore and ran from her! It was no use fighting with Tracy. Timberly stopped me on my way to the bathroom and she asked me what happened. She made me feel better because she said that I was more admirable than Tracy.
It was useless trying to get Tracy to stop bossing me around. But at least I still have Timberly with me to keep company. My new friends are a lot better than anybody in the whole world. Well that’s it for now. I need to go shopping with my friends.  

All Spelling Lesson 16 Words Are Underlined

Jacqueline December 14, 2004

Bridge To Madness

One day there was this girl named Crystal. She was 18 and could not well, actually didn’t want to, get a job. Crystal was so lazy she would never do anything for anybody, not even for herself. The whole world revolved around her. She depended on her mother and father to do everything for her. One day when Crystal came home from school she asked her mother for a cell phone (only because her worst enemy Yolanda had one and Crystal was jealous). Crystal’s mom said no and Crystal was so mad she never came down for dinner that night.
 Her mother came up in the morning and Crystal had forgotten about how she was mad at her mother and asked, “If I can’t get a cell phone how am I supposed to get money for it?” “Well sweetie the only way is to …” “You mean… work?” “I’m afraid so” “You’ve got to be joking right?” “Honey I think it’s time you get a job.” “Yeah you’re only what… 18,” replied Crystal’s sister Elaine. “Why don’t you go butt in to somebody else’s business?” said Crystal. “Whatever… Talk to the hand, girlfriend,” said Elaine. Oh yeah, by the way Elaine likes the nickname Lainey. “Why don’t you go into town? They have a new day care called Bridge To Learning.” “Mom you know it’s useless to get a job. Come on now, it will interrupt my studies, also my clubs.” “What do you mean clubs? You’re in nothing except for the let me sit on the couch all day and watch T.V. club.” “I have to go to school. Please can we talk about this later?” “Well, hon…” “Thanks! You’re the best! Bye.”
As Crystal went to school she saw everyone with a cell phone. She was so embarrassed she felt like a total jerk. Oh no Crystal thought, here comes Yolanda and her gang. “Well, well, well, Miss little Crystal has no cell. Too bad your mommy won’t let you get a cell. Maybe next year…” Crystal just ignored the girls as they walked away laughing.  Crystal really didn’t have any friends. She always thought she was so admirable but wondered why she was friendless. One of the reasons why she didn’t have any friends was because she never really had any time to spend time with friends. Her only friend she had was the T.V. 
When Crystal got home from school her sister was on the couch watching baby Looney Tunes. Crystal knew she wouldn’t get away with flipping the channel so she just had to watch baby Looney Tunes with her sister. “Crystal, Crystal, Oh, there you are. I was wondering if you would like to talk about the job at Bridge To Learning?” “Well I really don’t think…” “Good I already called for a job application so you can fill it out right now and will bring it tomorrow morning.” “Mom I really think… “I think you’re going to like it there to, it will be fun.” “Go wash up for dinner now.” “We’re having you’re favorite sloppy Joe’s.” “Well that’s one good thing tonight.”
The next day Crystal and her mom went to Bridge To Learning to hand in the job application. When Crystal walked in she thought wow, kids running all over, screaming and yelling, laughing and crying, it sounded horrible. Then she finally found the owner of the daycare center and gave her the job application sheet. “Thanks but can you come here please in my office?” “Sure,” said Crystal. “Can I just ask you a couple of questions?” “These precious children, they are really not harmful, but we have school age and preschool and toddler, etc. I would like you to be with the school age which is K- 7.” 
The other teachers are Tracy, Audrey, Darlene, Kim, Alexa, and Trish. Wow, Crystal thought, these teachers look restless. “OK.” “Are you capable of this job because if you aren’t, speak now or forever hold your peace.” “Well …” Crystal said.  She thought she was useless but she didn’t want to let her mom down. “Yes I think I am.” “Good,” said Janet the owner of the daycare. It was undeniable that once Crystal had the money for the cell phone she would be well gone out of there. “Last question before I let you out of here. Are you reliable for this job? Will you come in on time? Be responsible?” The children looked so cute and priceless but was it a joke?

To be continued…

All Spelling Lesson 16 Words Are Underlined

Caitlin D. December 14, 2004

The Mystery in Mexico

Hi, I’m Carol and a few weeks ago I went to Mexico with my friends Andy, Kayla, and Sean. Mexico was the most amazing thing you could ever see. The only thing that worried me was all the stories people told about all bad things that could happen like robberies and stuff. I just thought they were myths or someone just wanting to scare people, or something like that. Well, I was sure wrong. 
When we arrived in Mexico it was all cool but when we stayed at our hotel things started to get really freaky. The first thing that happened was fires. The first fire was really bad. It burned a dozen buildings including our Hotel. I never really thought it was much until about four more fires happened in the same week. My friends had a fit with me because I told them that nothing bad would happen and made them believe me that everything would be OK. Well, I was wrong. Don’t gotta bite my head off or anything. 
I never thought anything could be worse than a fire but there was. My friends and I got lost in all the commotion. It was believable that nothing was going as we thought it would. To make it worse Kayla and I got separated from Andy and Sean. They were really reliable we both said at the same time. At that moment we saw a Police Department. We went inside and asked if there was a detective, but there was no one available! Lucky for me I memorized the way back to the new hotel. So I told Kayla to follow me. On our way back we saw the people who told us the bad things would happen. Apparently they were the ones doing all the mischief around here. We went over to them and they started running! So the chase began. We went around several blocks when we finally caught up with them. It was undeniable that it was them. We made them talk as if we were detectives ourselves. And the reason they were doing all this stuff was because they wanted all the Americans to leave. They thought vacationers were invading their country. 
It was believable but not to the detective that finally showed up. He said the meaning of this was understandable. Everyone was comfortable now that the mischief had finally stopped. Unfortunately Andy is really an excitable person and when we told him what we did he started screaming, “we solved a mystery” over and over again. On our ride home he was just whispering it and then it stopped. “Thank you!” I yelled. And at that moment the plane landed and it was silent. We went home and for the first time I had a good nights’ sleep. I think our vacation turned out pretty good after all I said to myself in a yawning voice as I fell asleep. 

                       All Spelling Lesson 16 Words Are Underlined


Star December 16, 2004
The Mystery Of Prison Island: Project Shadow
Part Two

Sonic obviously wasn’t capable of a fight with the Ultimate Life Form. I thought proudly as I found my way aboard my old home: The Space Colony ARK. The ARK has now been abandoned for 50 years after the accident.  In that so-called “accident” I lost the person that meant more than anything to me: Maria. Maria had been killed that night along with thousands of others. That night 50 years ago everything was peaceful. Maria and I were watching the stars and other things from the ARK’s high perch in space. Then the door flew open and the military force G.U.N came in shooting Maria and many others. Maria was someone who could make me laugh and cry like no one else could. Without her precious smile, I’m useless. What had happened to her was not understandable! Maria…
Soon the door of the ARK flew open to reveal the Doctor. “I’ve been waiting for you doctor. Now I will show what the world’s leading scientist Professor Gerald has created,” I said pointing to the Eclipse Cannon that stood behind me. “True that the ARK was the first space colony of its time. But not too many people know that the ARK contains many weapons that can destroy the planet. This is one of them, codenamed: the Eclipse Cannon!” I said with a smirk. I heard Dr. Eggman mumble something to himself and then I continued anyway. “But it’s been deactivated for some time now,” I said with a drunken smile as I threw my Chaos Emerald into the cannon. It made an eerie noise and then it got more energy charged into it from the emerald. “To reactivate it, large amounts of energy are necessary,” I said with a smirk. “Oh! So that’s why we need the Chaos Emeralds!” the doctor exclaimed happily. “Exactly! To reactivate the machine we need the 7 Chaos Emeralds!” I shouted with a devious laugh. “I like the way you think Shadow! I will get the emeralds and use the machine to dominate the
World and-“ 
“Do you really think it will be that easy?!” interrupted a voice as a white bat girl appeared. “Huh?” Eggman asked surprised. “Hello doctor I think you know that I am a treasure hunter that specializes in all kinds of jewels!” the bat said pulling a blue Chaos Emerald out of her priceless outfit! Just like the doctor was her old friend! I must have gasped because she said that we hadn’t been introduced. “I’m Shadow the Hedgehog,” I said. She stood frozen. Then like a puppet with its strings pulled she snapped back to life. “I’m Rouge the Bat but you can call me Rouge!” she said with a comfortable smile. I realized that she was worth having with us or to shorten the phrase, desirable. She also seemed sneaky and sly. Perfect. So our partnership with Rouge the Bat begins.
I was very restless that night. For some unknown reason the name Rouge the Bat rung a bell in my head but I just couldn’t remember who she was. She seemed nice enough, but very suspicious. But she had an emerald and that was just what the doctor and I needed to destroy the world. Don’t worry Maria I will get even with the world for what they did you! I promise you revenge my only friend, Maria…
To Be Continued…

All Spelling Lesson 16 Words Are Underlined

Marygrace December 20, 2004

Treasure Hunt Part: 2

I woke early about 5:30. The sun was still coming up. The dampness in the air had a mossy smell. Drops of dew clung to the trees and the ground. I had a restless night. An upside down plane isn’t exactly comfortable. On the other side of the plane however, my companion was snoring away. His head rested on the treasure chest. 
I found one of my novels that I packed and was able to restore when the plane crashed. I must have read the book for hours before the pilot woke. He stretched and yawned. 
“What time do you think it is?” he asked me in a sleepy tone. 
“Probably around 10 o’clock.” 
“Oh I slept late,” he said, his cheeks turning red.
“What do you want to eat for breakfast?” I asked him. “We could probably find some berries or something like that. I mean it’s not exactly bacon and eggs but it will do.”
“How did you sleep?” he asked me.
“Not so good. I wasn’t that comfortable.” 
“That’s understandable.”
“Do you think the plane can get fixed or are we stuck on this island?” I asked him in a weak voice.
“I don’t know. I haven’t looked at the problem yet but I do know whoever examined it were pretty careless.” We didn’t speak for a while after that.
“What if we don’t get off this island?” I asked him. “What if we never see civilization again?”
“Worrying is a silly thing. It ruins the heart. Always keep you chin up and never let a tear depart.” 
He recited that from one of my favorite poems when I was a kid. I memorized it in fifth grade. “Never give up hope and believe. For those who keep their chin up always achieve.” I said trying hard not to cry. I wasn’t successful. I lay there and cried until I fell into a dreamless sleep.
When I woke Joe was already working on the plane. I called to him and said, “I’m going to see if I can find some breakfast. I’ll be back in a little while.”      
I walked down the beach. It was high tide and the cool water felt good on my bare feet. I found some berries and I went to the waterfall that we were at yesterday and got some fresh water. I took another route back. I was thinking so hard I almost fell into a large hole. I threw a rock into it to see how far down it goes. I didn’t hear it land so I got a bigger rock and threw it down the hole. I didn’t hear a sound. 
“It’s a bottomless pit,” I said aloud.
Walking more quickly, I half ran, half walked back to where the plane was.
“I found the problem! We’re going to get off this island and be rich!” Joe shouted at me and swooshed me off the ground into a huge bear hug. His face and shirt were smeared with oil but he had a huge smile on his face. “Didn’t I tell you we would get out of here?!” 
“That’s great! How long will it take for you to fix the plane?” 
“Only about four hours.”
While he set to work fixing the plane I read some more of my book. I was thinking of Sam, my home, and New York City’s busy streets. I smiled to myself and whispered “Worrying is a silly thing. It ruins the heart. Always keep your chin up and never let a tear depart. Never give up hope and always believe, for those who keep their chin up always succeed.” 

All Spelling Lesson 16 Words Are Underlined