Spelling Lists & Online Games
Mrs. Dingman's 5th Grade
List #1
List #2
This page was last updated: June 6, 2018
acousticadvisoryautisticavalanche  batik
bowlegged    broach corridorcringe  fleeting
fraygingerlygrimace  lunge      mimic
pryreceptionist  shimmy   spare    tangy
tinglytwin    wharf    whorl    wince
albumanthropological   avenger     billowing blotchy
bureau      chortlingcommunication         complication         corridor
egrets evaluations   fidget   jostle        linoleum
osprey     prescription  sliver   sniffle            syndrome
therapist           therapy   vacancy        varmint           vinyl
Spelling list words were selected by students who found the words to be interesting, unusual, or important to the reading.
Rules Kahoot! 10 questions (to be played when the novel has been completed)