Spelling Lists & Online Games
Mrs. Dingman's 5th Grade
List #1
List #2
This page was last updated: June 6, 2018
daintydread  drench   flattery  fragrance
grievehaveninterrupted    lectured lurid
minglepermissionprobably  shutter   sly
sputtered talons   timid     tremblewhimpering
assembledastoundingbewilderedbolt         brazen
calamity    charred     devourdilapidated         elation
enticing     evasive   exasperated   humble     lingering
luscious    nocturnal   phantom queasy        savory
solemn       torrent   tranquility  uncertainty       uttering
Spelling list words were selected by students who found the words to be interesting, unusual, or important to the reading.
Poppy Kahoot! 10 questions (to be played when the novel has been completed)