Which Summer 2012 Olympics Sports Were Our Favorites?

We reviewed creating surveys with this project and learned how to create bar graphs with Excel, understanding how to use the available technology to compare data.
We began our first Excel project of the year with surveys to find out which summer Olympic sports we liked best. We created bar graphs, using Excel, to show the results of our surveys. We were introduced to the Chart Wizard and learned how this tool can make creating graphs very easy! ... but we weren't quite done...

We searched online, using the official London Olympics 2012 web site, to find mascot images to represent the Olympic sports we selected for each of the bars of our graphs. We carefully followed Mrs. Dingman's directions to insert these mascot images we saved from our "My Pictures" folder. And, we were introduced to another fabulous Excel feature. We learned how to stack and scale the images to fit perfectly into the bars of the graph, without stretching or distorting them.

Our competence and confidence using the available technology will continue to grow!  

This project aligned with the following Pennsylvania Academic Standards:
1.6.5 Speaking and Listening
1.8.5 Research
2.6.5 Statistics and Data Analysis
3.7.5 Technological Devices
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