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Let's Meet Scott O'Dell
Internet Scavenger Hunt
Written By Mrs. Dingman
March 2004
(updated September 2009)

Directions: Visit the web sites listed below. Record your answers on your activity sheet, using complete sentences. Do NOT use pronouns in the first sentence of each answer, unless you are referring to yourself. Remember to INDENT!

          Scott O'Dell

* What kinds of stories are Mr. O'Dell best known for? 

Click "More About Scott O'Dell" on the left side of the page
* When and where was Scott O'Dell born? How was that time described on this web site?

* What was unusual about the house Mr. O'Dell and his family lived in on Rattlesnake Island? 

* What was Scott O'Dell's original name? What caused his name to be changed?  

* What was the name of Mr. O'Dell's first novel? Why will no one get to read it? 

          KidsPoint Author Profiles Archive "Scott O'Dell: A Natural Born Writer (1898-1989)"

* The web site describes reasons why Mr. O'Dell wrote Island of the Blue Dolphins. What are they? What did Scott O'Dell want to encourage young people to realize? 

* What is the title of the sequel to Island of the Blue Dolphins

* What type of story would be considered for the "Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction"? 

Scott O'Dell- Harcourt Publishers 

* What does Scott O'Dell have to say about writing for children? Do you agree? Why or why not? 

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