A World Without Shoes
We recently completed short, descriptive paragraphs to meet the guidelines set by Writer's Digest Magazine, Kid's Assignment #62. Writer's Digest challenged us to:

"Imagine you were born into a world where shoes never existed. After years of stepping on rocks, glass and worms, you're downright sick of having sore and dirty feet. Ding—it's invention time! In 75 words or fewer, write a description of the new feet coverings and give them a name. But here's the kicker: You can't use the word "shoe"." 

We used our computer-savvy skills to prepare our contest entries and had a lot of fun writing about our new feet coverings! Oh, yeah... we love, love, love the new laptops!

This project aligned with the following Pennsylvania Academic Standards:
1.1.5 Learning to Read Independently
1.4.5 Types of Writing
1.5.5 Quality of Writing
3.7.5 Technological Devices

Brendan   January 2006
A World With Out Shoes

Don’t you just hate walking barefoot? I do. What I mean is that I think I invented something that people can wear on our feet. I call them “Feetes”. They are made of very hard metal. The cool thing about them is that the metal is flexible and comfortable. They keep worms out and they make sure that stepping on rocks and glass doesn’t hurt. Call us now!           

Audrey     January 2006
A World Without Shoes

I’m Audrey the inventor. My feet are aching red because rocks and dirt don’t do my feet any good. So I invented Energy. It’s any color fabric that automatically turns into your size. If you think they’re boring I call them Energy because when you’re in need they give you energy. Energy gives you strength, light when it’s dark and anything you need. Except if you’re dying. Energy should definitely be on everyone’s wish list.

Neil   January 2006
A World Without Shoes

Are you sick of not having anything on your feet? Do your feet kill you badly? Well those days are OVER! Now your feet are going to be as outrageous as ever because I have made something new. They’re called DragonFeet. They’re 100% irresistible. They hover! Nope, DON’T EVEN NEED AN AUTOMOBILE! Fly unharmed!
Look out for our upcoming sale: DinoFeet! 

Darlene January 2006
A World Without Shoes

Ouch! Glass. Ekkk! Worms. Oww! Rocks. Buy Pain Be Gones.  They’re so comfortable. Customers say they’re like miracles for your feet! You’ll love em. How we make them is … First, we get two very fluffy snow-white pillows. Then, we put two deep gray adjustable straps on each fluffy snow-white pillow and that’s it. So buy some Pain Be Gones. You won’t regret it! 

Nick   January 2006
A World Without Shoes

Don’t you hate when your feet are sore, itchy, or cut? Here on planet Earth nothing can protect your feet from harm. Until now! Try the new feet coverings called Footlets!
Footlets are shaped like the Roctopoxen,A.K.A. “the foot”. They are made of plastic and wool laces. Cost: $999.99.That’s less than a thousand dollars! Buy now! Operators might be standing by! (They should be on their coffee break).

Gia    January 2006
A World Without Shoes 

 Hey- Ya! I’m the inventor of Fiesty Froggies! The one and only!  And this is how I created them ...First, I found this really fantastic frog! So, I created the Fiesty Froggies! I sold them at all the local department stores. But, not many people liked them. So, I made them very fuzzy and made them hop!  I’m sure they liked that!! So,that is how my footwear was created!

Ryan    January 2006
A World Without Shoes

I’m sick and tired of stepping on glass, rocks, and worms, so I’m going to make an invention called RJ’s marvelous foot protectors! The foot protectors will be black and they will have lots and lots of excellent grip on the bottom. My marvelous foot protectors will also have the logo RJ’s in any color you want. They will also have extraordinary shock absorbers on the bottom and on the sides of the foot protectors.   

Drew   January 2006
A World Without Shoes

“Introducing, Profeet,” I said. I recently invented this footwear and I’m showing it to the public. This footwear raises stamina and protects your feet. On the bottom there’s a thick piece of hard rubber protecting your soles. At the front there’s a thick strip of leather that goes up your foot. On the sides of Profeet are sturdy pieces of cardboard that extend towards your ankle. You can also doodle on the cardboard. That’s Profeet!

Michelle     January 2006
A World Without Shoes

My new creation is things to conceal your feet. I call them Deckodoas.  They are waterproof, cushioned, and affordable.  You see Deckodas are capable of changing their temperature to your body temperature.  Deckodas only cost $10.00.  They have micro massagers installed in them. You may ask why did she create foot coverings?  Here is your answer. I live in a world without foot coverings. I got tired of ambulating around barefoot so I created Deckodoas.