I Don't Understand... 
September 2004
This page was last updated on: October 22, 2015
      Fifth grade children have very concrete ideas about things they understand and things they don't! In continuing to explore poetry in list form, we identified things we did and did not understand in the world around us. We continue to practice writing process skills and use our classroom computers to gain ongoing experience with the available technology. Enjoy our creativity and thoughtfulness!

Pennsylvania State Standards continued to be met with this writing project:
1.1.5 Learning to Read Independently
1.2.5 Reading Critically in All Content Areas
1.3.5 Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature
1.4.5 Types of Writing
1.5.5 Quality of Writing

Jacqueline                September 16, 2004

I Don’t Understand Candy!

I don’t Understand 
Why lollipops are as sticky as tape
Why Hershey Bars have letters on them
Why caramel apples have sticks on the bottom of them

But Most Of All
Why Jolly Ranchers are flat at the bottom of them like a face of a square
Why popsicles are curved in the middle
Why bazooka bubble gum is a square and as thin as thread

 What I Understand Most Is
Why rock candy is pointy
Why mints are circles that make you want to put them in to your mouth
Why snickers have dots on them like sprinkles

Brandon                      September 17, 2004

Things I Understand And Misunderstand

I don’t understand
Why I needed to leave New York.
Why people like to do bad jobs.
Why the sea is so deep.

But most of all
Why some people say that they see weird things. 
Why people believe in myths.
Why people think good luck and bad luck are real.

What I understand most is
Why people must read.
Why all living things need water.
Why people don’t like to get into fights.

Sarah                         September 16, 2004 

I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand,
Why teachers give a lot of homework
Why I write so sloppy
Why books are really long

But most of all,
Why my mom won’t cut my very long hair
Why snow is very cold 
Why the sun is blistering hot

What I understand most is, 
Why Mrs. Dingman is so much fun
Why my dad wants my hair cut
Why some 5th graders have lockers

Nicholas                       September 16, 2004


i don’t understand
Why the sky is blue
Why the grass is green
Why dirt is brown

But most of all
Why most bugs are small
Why some birds fly
Why fish swim

What i understand most is
Why paper’s made from trees
Why i go to school
Why my mom tells me to go outside

Caitlin                         September 17, 2004

I Don’t Understand!

I don’t understand
Why my cat and dog play!
Why kids love winter and grownups don’t
Why some girls love sports and some boys hate sports

But most of all
Why my cat and dog play, I have no clue!
Why Saddam Hussein killed so many people 
Why people used to think the world was flat 

What I understand most is 
Why I have to do well in school 
Why my mom and dad want me to be safe and cautious
Why I’m not allowed to stay up past nine o’clock on weekdays  

Cassandra                    September 17, 2004

What I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand
Why we see objects
Why we have tiny taste buds
Why we have ears

But most of all
Why we have huge banks
Why we have brains
Why we eat 

What I understand most is
Why we have five days of school 
Why we do math
Why we breathe air 

Jeremy                        September 16, 2004

I Just Don’t Understand

I don’t understand
Why animals have four legs
Why people can speak
Why grass is green 

But most of all
Why different countries speak different languages
Why the sky is blue
Why clouds float in the sky

What I understand most is
Why kids go to school
Why birds fly 
Why the moon has craters 

Marygrace                          September 16, 2004

I Don’t Understand

I don’t understand
Why Mercury is so close to the scorching sun but doesn’t melt
Why our planet Earth is the only known planet with life
Why some planets are made of nothing but gas

But most of all
Why some large birds can’t soar
Why we have to learn about the past when we live in the future
Why does 60 seconds have to be a minute and 60 minutes an hour

What I understand most is
Why people all are different
Why our solar system revolves around the sun
Why there are billons of stars in the night sky

What I Understand – and What I Don’t

I don’t understand
Why my brother and I argue so much and so often when we try so hard not to.
Why sometimes when I’m surrounded by people, I can still feel completely alone.
Why one thing sometimes holds my attention for hours, and at other times simply doesn’t attract me at all.

But most of all
Why sometimes life seems great, and at other times life seems totally unfair.
Why my dad’s company relocates him and makes us move so many times.  Why can’t they pick on someone else?
Why so many countries are at war with each other - so often!  What’s wrong with peace?

What I understand most is 
Why there are a lot of things in life that you just can’t change by yourself, no matter how hard you try.
Why you have to try your best, no matter where you are or how you feel.
Why you should never, ever give up unless you never want to get anywhere in life.

Samantha                                    September 17, 2004
Amy                             September 16, 2004

Help Me Understand 

I don’t understand  
Why friendships have to end
Why not everyone can have a positive attitude
Why countries can’t live in harmony

But most of all
Why people do research on children… they’re just smaller adults
Why do we have credit cards… they’re just one big mess
Why do we have so much contamination

What I understand most is
Why we are going to have many heartaches in our life
Why we are going to have many imperfections but never give up
Why we are going to decide to do something and it will turn out wrong