How Much Allowance? Probability Investigation
meeting with Pennsylvania Math Core and Academic State Science Standards:
M05.D-M.2.1 Organize, display, and answer questions based on data
M05.B-O.2 Analyze patterns and relationships
Science Standard 3.2.5 Inquiry and Design
Science Standard 3.7.5 Technological Devices
We completed a probability experiment, considering this future situation:

As your 16th birthday approaches, you are looking for ways to make money so you can buy a car. Currently you earn $10 a week for doing chores around the house.

Your family realizes that you are trying to save money and offers you the following deal. You can choose to continue the regular $10 a week OR each week you can pull 2 bills from a bag, without looking inside, that has two $1 bills, two $5 bills, and one $10 bill. 

We were asked to think about which deal would allow us to save the most money. 

We each created a purpose and hypothesis for our experiment. Working with a partner, we recorded the results showing how much money we found as we pulled 2 bills each time from our bags. We each graphed our results data, using Excel to display and compare each of our 10 trials. 

We each developed a conclusion based on our experiment results and added additional comments about things that surprised us. Using a Word document template created by Mrs. Dingman, we created mini trifold boards to showcase our experiment and data results.

Our confidence and competence using the available technology continues to grow!