The Homework Machine 
Spelling Lists & Online Games
Mrs. Dingman's 5th Grade
List #1
List #2
This page was last updated: June 5, 2018
canyon               dishonest               obvious               brilliant             blunder
weirdness          humiliating            appearance         punishment        eventually
situation            discriminating        genius               assignment         hospitable
testimony             awe                     tourist               fatigue              calculator
rumor               enthusiastic            typical               defiant                bogus
accumulate          advantage            agreement          association          avoided
complicated         designed              diagonally           duplicated         especially
fad                     fascinating           geography            gradually         hypothesis
​injured               insensitive            intentional            paranoid        perspective
screwdriver         strategy              suggested             surprise           various
Spelling list words were selected by students who found the words to be interesting, unusual, or important to the reading.
The Homework Machine Kahoot! 20 questions (to be played when the novel is completed)