Spelling Lists & Online Games
Mrs. Dingman's 5th Grade
List #1
List #2
This page was last updated: June 5, 2018
alabasterglimmerscompanionmuscle creature
absurd    specificmiserablephysician     hideous
sooty      duchess  crockery decent whistled
aria    fret     curtsied cuticles     dissolution
howling    jealous  revealingbrocadesaturated
The Spelling lists' words were selected by students, who found the words to be interesting, unusual, or important to the reading. 
deliberately            memorized            sweltering            frequently            falconer
persuaded                obvious                ordinary              concentrated            vial
privacy                   observant               ogre                     gossamer              gurgling
gnome                   embroidered          lanyard                    tunic                  reflection
tapestry                 promptly              perilous                   ravine                  anxious
Fairest Kahoot! (to be played when the novel has been completed)