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Investigation 1: What is Weather?
     air, atmosphere, local weather
Investigation 2: Heating Earth
     conduction, convection, color & energy transfer
Investigation 3: Water Planet
    condensation, evaporation, water cycle
Investigation 4: Weather & Climate
    severe weather, weather maps, climate
Earth's Atmosphere Scholastic StudyJam video
Air Pressure and Wind Scholastic StudyJam video
Weather and Climate Scholastic StudyJam video
Air Masses and Fronts Scholastic StudyJam video
The Water Cycle Scholastic StudyJam video
Atmosphere Song Mr. Parr YouTube length 3:16
Types of Weather Instruments Vocabulary Posters
Weather Instruments Song Mr. Parr YouTube length  3:32
Weather Instrument Notes YouTube length 15:38
Weather Instruments Scholastic StudyJam
Radiation, Conduction, Convection Song Mr. Parr YouTube length 3:02
Water Cycle Song Mr. Parr YouTube length 4:06
Hurricanes and Twisters Song Mr. Parr YouTube length 3:31
The Heating Song Mr. Parr YouTube length 3:15
Heat Scholastic Study Jam
Weather on Earth 
Nonfiction Reading Counts BINGO
     We recently completed a nonfiction Reading Counts project extending our learning about Earth's weather to compliment our FOSS Science Investigations “Weather on Earth”. We were challenged to fill a nonfiction BINGO board with our 5 nonfiction selections, recording our Reading Counts nonfiction quiz success. … but we weren’t quite done…

     Opening a Word document template created by Mrs. Dingman, we typed our selected title information and Reading Counts quiz dates in the row, column, or diagonal we selected on each of our BINGO boards. We practiced using the Underline tool button, correctly underlining our nonfiction titles. And, we practiced how to shade each of the 5 cells in our BINGO boards, highlighting the row, column, or diagonal we chose. 

     We were all nonfiction Weather BINGO winners! Mrs. Dingman was proud to display our BINGO board creations on our hallway bulletin board.

This Science/Integrated Reading & Technology project met with the following Pennsylvania Core and Academic Standards:
PA Academic Science Standards 3.3.5 Earth and Space Sciences/ 3.7.5 Technological Devices
PA Core ELA E05.B-K.1.1 Demonstrate understanding of key ideas and details in informational texts
Excel-lent Weather Factor Graphing
        Our most recent Excel project explored a variety of weather factors over a 5-day period, extending the learning of our FOSS Science Weather on Earth unit. Working in small groups, we each used an online weather resource to track and record local weather factors. Our groups investigated temperature, humidity, wind speed, cloud cover, and air pressure. 

        We each learned how to use Excel to create line graphs showing change over time, independently following a written checklist. We enjoyed discussing patterns we observed and how weather factors may connect. 

        Our confidence and competence using the available technology continues to grow!

This project met the following Pennsylvania Core and Academic Standards:
PA Core Math M05.D-M.2.1.2 Display and Interpret Data
PA Science Academic Standard 3.7.5 Technological Devices
PA Science Academic Standard 3.3.5 Earth and Space Sciences
Weather Factor Graphing December 2014
Nonfiction Reading Counts BINGO 2015
Water Cycle Song Taylor Swift Shake it Off Parody YouTube length 3:38
Water Cycle Boogie YouTube length 3:11
Water Cycle Song Dance Off YouTube length 3:51
Weather Fronts Song Mr. Parr YouTube length 3:06
Weather vs. Climate: Crash Course Kids #28.1 YouTube length 4:32
Severe Weather Crash Course Kids #28.2 YouTube length 4:25
Four Spheres Part 1 (Geo & Bio) Crash Course Kids YouTube length 4:00
Four Spheres Part 2 (Hydro & Atmo) Crash Course Kids YouTube length 3:30