We recently completed short, descriptive paragraphs in which we were asked to:
"Pretend that you’re an adult with kids of your own, and your son/daughter wants to miss a day of school to attend the coolest sporting or concert event. Write an excuse note to his/her teacher for the missed day of school. Did Bobby’s tight shoes cause a severe toe injury? Did Sally’s dog eat all of her clothes, therefore prompting an emergency shopping spree? Be as creative as possible, but don’t exceed 100 words." (Writing prompt courtesy of Writer's Digest Magazine, "Kids Assignment" Contest March 2006)

We reviewed parts of a friendly letter, continued to approach the writing as a process, and showcased wonderful word plays and creative senses of humor. And, we were introduced to the Word Count Tool, helping us to make decisions about words to add or delete to make the writing clearest or most interesting. 

Enjoy our humor and imagination!
This project aligned with the following Pennsylvania Academic Standards:
1.1.5 Learning to Read Independently
1.4.5 Types of Writing
1.5.5 Quality of Writing
3.7.5 Technological Devices
Excuses, Excuses
Written by Mrs. Dingman's 5th Grade
November 2008
Brent November 20, 2008
Excuses, Excuses

I am sorry that my son Jacob couldn't make it to school yesterday. He fell out of a cargo plane and landed in Canada (he stowed away). Don't worry, he had a parachute so he only got one major injury. He got a sprained vocal chord from screaming and it has to heal, so he will be back tomorrow. It took that long to get home last night. He didn't go to a football game if that's what he told you. Please send all the missed work home with him today. I had nothing to do with it. 

Michael G.   November 20, 2008
Excuses, Excuses
I'm terribly sorry my son, Jingle, missed a day of school. Let me introduce myself. I'm Mr. Behlls. I have a son named Jingle, and two daughters named Jangle and Merry. My son missed a day of school because he had a bad case of the horrible "Christmas Creepers". That's a flu that makes you sing Christmas songs every time you speak. Isn't that awful?! Jingle also has the "Reindeer Runs". That's when you start to run; next you know you're in the sky flying like reindeers. I've got to hand it to you, Jingle is very sick. Sorry again.

AdamNovember 20, 2008
Excuses, Excuses
My son Chris Mas was not here today because he was bitten by a vampire raccoon chicken with rabies. The symptoms are terrible. The symptoms are acting like nine monkeys with one banana and eating everything from books to computers. He shouldn't be in school because he'd eat books and computers. The only antidote is coral juice from the underwater city of Atlantis. It takes 6 to 8 weeks to get the coral juice. So he will be out of school for 6 to 8 more weeks. I hope he doesn't miss anything important.  

SageNovember 20, 2008
Excuses, Excuses
My son, Joe, is sick today because he has the heborgevors. The heborgevors is something that you can get once in a lifetime. The symptoms are you get green like slime, when you talk green bubbles pop out, and worst of all, when you talk to him he starts doing a really funny dance like a guy that got bit by piranhas. Joe can't even get out of bed and he smells like a monkey that never went in water. But the good thing is it is only for 24 hours so Joe will be back in school tomorrow. 

Izzabelle November 20, 2008
Excuses, Excuses
My daughter, B.A.D. Dancer, has a severe case of funk poisoning and cannot read, write, or even bathe. So, the doctor has ordered that she go to Las Vegas for a whole month, stay at a 5 star hotel (free of charge), attend a ballet concert, and play nonstop DDR at a kid-safe casino. My daughter will be guaranteed to return in about a month (or two) to continue her work in your classroom after the funk poisoning has passed (plus healing time). Thank you, for teaching my daughter, and kindly excusing her for this terrible disease.

DeannaNovember 20, 2008

Excuses, Excuses
I am terribly sorry about my daughter's sudden absence. Macamaca's annoying brother had a terrible cold yesterday, so when he kept sneezing, disgusting boogers flew all over the place and most of them got on Macamaca, so that very moment, she became Booger Girl. Worst of all, all of the gooky boogers were actually glued to her skin! So, we quickly rushed her to the hospital right away and the glue will be off of her skin in a couple of years. Please send home make-up work if needed. Thanks!

Madeline November 20, 2008
Excuses, Excuses
My son Peanut Butter ate so much peanut butter he turned into peanut butter. The jar was picked clean. I'm so sorry we ran out of peanut butter so I ate him. Then I became thirsty and the milk was all gone. I went to the hospital to get him out of my stomach. I would have left him in there but he kept kicking me and screaming let me out of here. So he's in the special infirmary room. The doctor said he has peanugitus. And he won't be in tomorrow. Please send all his work to me. 

DavidNovember 20, 2008
Excuses, Excuses
My daughter, Fred, was out of school yesterday, today, and tomorrow because I took her out for a slice o' pizza, a cheeseburger, and a hot dog... I mean, she got bit by a wicked angel fiend and is very sick with rabies, pneumonia, the flu, fever, and allegies for tar, chalk, desks, school lunches, paper, and learning. So I can guarantee that she will never come back to school again. Oh man, Fred just got bit by another angel fiend. I better call a doctor or a squirrel. Oh shoot! Fred just bit me. 
KennethNovember 20, 2008
Excuses, Excuses
My son, Flying Monkey, is out today because I was teaching him how to fly. But when he was flying a hunter shot his left wing. Then he was spiraling down and down until WHACK! He hit a tree right in the face. I am sorry that he missed school but he has to stay in the hospital for a few days. So he doesn't miss work, you can send it here so then he can stay on track. Make sure that when Flying Monkey goes back to school nobody makes fun of his small left wing.  
KassandraNovember 21, 2008
Excuses, Excuses
My daughter, Kayla, was absent because she had the Mays! The Mays are when you forget everything for 24 hours. It is gone now so you won't find anything wrong with her. It happens 1 time in everyone's life. Kayla is so happy that the Mays are gone. It's only for kids so you probably had the Mays but don't remember it. It's contagious, but only for kids. Every parent could go in there and wouldn't get sick. Please excuse my daughter from yesterday's class.   
JessicaNovember 21, 2008
Excuses, Excuses
My dog, Mama, was on the porch yesterday. But there was a squirrel on the lawn, and Mama wanted a closer look, so she stuck her head in between the deck posts and could not get it out!! Then my daughter wanted to know what our dog was looking at, so Julie got her head stuck too!! Now we have to get Julie and Mama out. I am sorry for this inconvenience. Julie will be back in school tomorrow. Make sure she gets her make-up work. Please also be aware that this is a life-threatening situation. Thank you very much.