Environment & Ecology Internet Scavenger Hunt
Written by Mrs. Dingman
May 2005
Updated May 2011
Aligning With the Following Pennsylvania State Standards:
4.2.5 Renewable & Nonrenewable Resources
4.3.5 Environmental Health
4.9.5 Environmental Laws and Regulations
3.7.5 Technological Devices
2.1.5 Learning to Read Independently
1.8.5 Research
Directions: Visit the web sites listed below. Record your answers on your activity sheet in short paragraph form, using complete sentences, unless the directions ask you to do something else. Do NOT use pronouns in the first sentence of your answers, unless you are referring to yourself. 

1. How Do We Reduce Garbage?
* How much trash does the average person throw away each day? 
* What does the family that reduces waste in the home help to protect? 
* According to this web site, what are two things you could do at home to reduce the amount of trash? 
* According to this web site, what are two things you could do at school to reduce the amount of trash?

2. Pennsylvania's Recycling Page
* In 1988, what important piece of legislation was passed? What was the result of this legislation for Pennsylvania? 
(click the Refresh button until this information appears in the "Factoid" box at the top of the page)
* List the top 3 benefits of recycling according to this web site.

3. Pennsylvania’s Land Recycling Program
* What change does the Pennsylvania Land Recycling Program encourage?
* Since 1995, how many sites is Pennsylvania credited with cleaning? 
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