Mrs. Dingman's Discipline Policy
1. Be responsible

2. Be respectful

3. Follow directions

4. Keep hands and feet to self

5. Be on time and be ready

** rules as per our school district's Core Beliefs **
This page was last updated: October 22, 2015
DISCIPLINE POLICIES as stated in Student Handbook:
Student Discipline
"Each student in the elementary schools is expected to conform to reasonable standards of socially acceptable behavior. The rights and properties of others must be respected. Proper student conduct is expected in school and during time spent in travel to and from school.
Most student discipline will be handled by the teacher. Problems of a more serious or repetitive nature will be handled by a building administrator. Among options that school personnel may choose are limited or withdrawn playtime, denial or removal of privileges, suspension and expulsion.
Students who do not obey the school rules listed in this Student Handbook will be disciplined. The disciplinary action taken by the principal and teachers will depend on the nature of the problem and how often it has occurred."