Cookies Galore
February 2006
It is my privilege to announce:
Nicholas has been awarded 
an Honorable Mention for his "Cookies Galore" story.
Nicholas has received a certificate of achievement, a copy of the latest issue of Writer's Digest magazine, and a $5 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble bookstore. 
Congratulations Nick!!

We recently completed short, descriptive paragraphs to meet the guidelines set by Writer's Digest Magazine, Kid's Assignment #63. Writer's Digest challenged us to:

"’Tis the season for cookie sales, and it’s your job to make 2006 the highest-selling year in history. To do this, you need to come up with a new type of cookie that will make everyone dig into their wallets to buy some. Be as creative as possible and make sure to give your new cookie a name. Don’t forget: Keep your entry to 75 words or fewer."

We continue to gain confidence and experience using our classroom computers and laptops. Enjoy our delicious stories!

This project aligned with the following Pennsylvania Academic Standards:
1.1.5 Learning to Read Independently
1.4.5 Types of Writing
1.5.5 Quality of Writing
3.7.5 Technological Devices

NeilFebruary 6, 2006
Cookies Galore
Want to taste a new fulfilled sensation? Here is a recent exquisite cookie! Reading cookies! These are cookies with books in them! You can turn pages with a cookie!
Look for our upcoming sale: Diarookies! Now write your diary with a unique pencil on a cookie too!
AudreyFebruary 6, 2006
Cookies Galore
To try to make 2006 the recording year, I made my own delicious/helpful cookies. On the outside you can have either chocolate chip or plain. Inside you can have vanilla or chocolate fillings. Anyone on a diet doesn't need to worry. You can't gain weight with these cookies. If you're sad these cookies will make you extra glad. I call them Delicious Delightful Delicates. (Remember, if you buy a lot we might beat the record.)
DrewFebruary 6, 2006
Cookies Galore
"What's this cookie's name?" "It's Protieniba!" That's what I said when the customers asked what cookie made 2006 the highest cookie sale ever!
"This cookie is a mixture of spinach cloves, miniscule earthworms, and sugar! Rarely in this is an ounce of vinegar, and some sliced lamb chop. Spinach is in the spot of chocolate chips outside, the earthworms below the top, and if added, the lamb chop is on the bottom. That's Protieniba!"
KimberlyFebruary 6, 2006
Cookies Galore
Today is cookie sales. I made up a cookie called Raspfudge Caramel. I mixed some raspberries with two fudge bars and the covering is made with caramel. I hope people will delight in them. My table and things were set up. When I was done setting up I yelled, "COOKIES! COME GET YOUR COOKIES HERE!" People came and came until there were no more. Now you know where to get your cookies next year. ME!
TylerFebruary 6, 2006
Cookies Galore
It's time to sell cookies. I've been dying to make a new cookie with fantastic flavors. I'm thinking of flavors and other cookies. Wait... people like Oreos and Chocolate Chip Cookies, so I should put them together. I got it! I will make a cookie that has a chocolate covering with cream and chocolate chips and will have dough mixed with the cream in the middle. I will name them Oreo Chip Cream Cookies. 
SkylerFebruary 6, 2006
Cookies Galore
Cookies for sale! Today is the international cookie sale. With my new, improved cookies you will be fantastically amazed! Put your taste buds to the test! These cookies are new and tasty! The cookies are named Banana Rama. They are banana cookies! The cookie is a bronze color, with tasty dough, creamy banana filling, and a soft bread cookie. By June, I went out of stock, and I made 20 billion dollars!