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Let's Meet Andrew Clements
Internet Scavenger Hunt
Written By Mrs. Dingman
January 2005

Directions: Visit the web sites listed below. Record your answers on your activity sheet, using complete sentences. Do NOT use pronouns in the first sentence of each answer, unless you are referring to yourself. Remember to INDENT!!

         Scholastic Authors & Books- Andrew Clements’s Biography

* Why does Andrew Clements think he became a writer? 
* What does writing feel like to Mr. Clements? What good life lesson does he describe connecting to this process?
* What three things did Andrew Clements begin writing during college?
* What was Andrew Clements’ favorite part about being a teacher? 
* How does Andrew Clements write so many books? What other important life lesson does he describe about this process? 
           Andrew Clements

* In what year was Andrew Clements born? How old is he now? Show the work used to reach your solution below the lines of your answer on your activity sheet. 
* What is Andrew Clements’ opinion about the link between reading and writing? 

    Meet Authors and Illustrators- Andrew Clements

* How did the idea for Frindle develop? 
* How does Andrew Clements describe picture books? 

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