Blood on the River
Spelling Lists & Online Games
Mrs. Dingman's 5th Grade
The Spelling lists' words were selected by students, who found the words to be interesting, unusual, or important to the reading. 
List #1
List #2
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adventure          bloodshed          commoner            dagger              doomed
enough               fragile                 gallows            government          gullible
kingdom              locket               magistrate        orphanage            padlock
panic                  scraggly             snickering           soldier               squirm
survival              traitor               translator          victorious            wobble
ale             artillery            cathedral             cobblestones               converse
​desolate      fetch                hatchet                   livid                           lush
lye              miracle              palisade                permission                 porridge
pulpit          sapling             starvation                 toiling                     torrents
​torso         vegetable           venison                   venture                      yeoman
Blood on the River Kahoot!  12 questions (to be played when the novel is completed)